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30 Days post-op

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30 days out and doing great. I am still on full liquids for another week. I am so blessed as I have done great with the protein options, getting most of my liquids in daily and having plenty of energy. I only weigh once a week at Weight Watchers and I am down 27 lbs since I started my journey. I even make it to the gym several times a week.
Today was the first day people at work noticed my weight loss. That was different for me so I guess I need to get used to answering some questions. I recognize this was a major life change but I am so happy being off my metformin, simvastatin, and ramipril. I'll take vitamins over all that other medicine any day.

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  1. jamma's Avatar
    Congratulations on your progress! My surgery is on the the 26th of October, and I can identify with your need to start answering some questions. How will you answer? I am debating just saying that I have been dieting rigorously (since that will be true). I have found people tend to react negatively when they know you've had a gastric surgery.
  2. Dawnislas's Avatar
    I am saying I am doing high protein, low carb and drinking lots of water. I feel a little guilty but then I remember I don't owe anyone an explanation. Even my mother doesn't know just because she's elderly and would forget and I would have to explain over and over and I am not up to that.
    I work in a school and so the ladies I work closet with knows and a few family members but that is it.