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Recommendations for Almanza's (and maybe other MX surgeons') patients

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My recommendations for items to pack are:

  • if you are hypoglycemic, take a few mints to suck on prior to surgery. (it was okay'd by them for me to keep my sugar levels up until surgery.)
  • Lip balm/chapstick (Nivea Kiss of Smoothness is my fav b/c itís not waxy or greasy.)
  • GasX Strips- NOT the pills
  • A big safety pin- to attach your drain to your pants or gown
  • A heating pad (I actually attached my safety pin to my heating pad for easy access.) Pack your heating pad where it can be easily accessed immediately after surgery.
  • COMFY pants, shorts, or capris - a little looser than you think you will need. It was in the 70s and 80s when we were there the end of January.
  • Shoes that are easy to slide on
  • Warm socks (my feet are always cold now)
  • Slippers to wear in the hospital
  • Gauze/larger bandaids/tape, if you are staying at the hotel*
  • Alcohol swabs (or lotion) to use to take the adhesive off your skin - Whatever tape that they use at the hospital has the best adhesive I have ever seen. It took me a over week to get it off but I didn't take one of these items. What ended up working for me was putting vitamin E lotion on my stomach and leaving it alone overnight. It just rubbed off in the shower the next morning.
  • $20 (US) cash - if you want your leak test xray*
  • Some people recommended "Depends", in case of accidents from the "gas" (I didn't need them.)
  • Lomotil, in case you end up w/diarrhea (requires a Rx)
  • Hibiclens to bathe w/before surgery and for the first week after
  • Sippy cup Ė It will really help you to learn to drink post op.
  • Stuff to make your "clear" liquids for the day before surgery and the day you go home (If you stay at the hotel, you will also need some for those 2 days. A $.70 pack of Maggi Chicken Bouillon is what I took.)
  • Children's Chewable Tylenol (in case you get a headache)
  • Children's Chewable Claratin, if you have allergies and need to take any allergy medicine
  • If you are taking a guest and staying at the Ticuan, a $300 visa gift card should be more than enough for your 2 nights at the hotel (about $112 for both nights), some shopping, and your guestís meals. Thatís what we did and still had almost half of the money left on the card.*

* = For Almanza patients, sorry, I don't know about the other doctors.

Misc tips:

  • For shopping, I highly recommend using either a visa gift card or credit card, instead of cash. This will give you a better exchange rate.

  • If you go shopping in the tourist area, barter w/the shop clerks, it wonít insult them. Donít accept the first price they tell you and donít be afraid to walk away. They want the sale and will come after you. (We didnít care for the first store we went into. Nothing really jumped out at us but we go to Mexico every year. Several of their silver items were marked ď925Ē but, in Spanish, they were also marked ďplatedĒ. The store next door had a better selection and better prices.)

  • If you stay at the hotel, go to the OXXO store on the corner and get some Nestle apple and/or grape juice in the little bottles w/a squirt top. You can reuse the bottles after you finish the juice for crystal light/propel zero or whatever you want to drink. Also, the Nestle Frizz Limon popsicles were a lifesaver!

Somethings that might benefit any sleeve patients:

  • If you still have your gallbladder, ask your PCP about a Rx for ursodiol.
  • Have some Pedialyte on hand for when you get home, just in case you start to get dehydrated post-op.

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  1. N2DVN's Avatar
    oh, LADIES, I forgot to mention that even if it is not your time of the month, pack some panty liners or pads. I'm on Depo and was not scheduled to started spotting. Poor hubby had to go find some and it took him a couple of stores to find them. (OXXO doesn't sell them.)
  2. SKINNYMINNIE's Avatar
    YOU ROCK!!!! Cut and paste this into a shopping list for my surgery in less that two weeks. Thank you so much! If you think of anything else please add it. Also, what are you doing for protein in this first stage? I stood at Wal-Mart in the health/vitamin/protein section tonight just scratching my head. Honestly, it all looked gross. And getting protein in a "clear" is hard.
  3. N2DVN's Avatar
    Thanks! I am trying to get my proteins from food, as much as I can right now but when I need a boost, here is what I use. (To be completely honest, it has been extremely hard during the first few weeks to get in 64oz every day.)

    For clears, check out this page: Protein Diet Fruit Drinks for Weight Loss. Most of the ones on this page are considered "clears"

    For unflavored protein, I like Syntrax Nectar Whey protein. If you buy it from drugstore.com, you can get free shipping when your order is over $25. (You can also get skymiles, if you visit skymilesshopping.com before going to the drugstore website.) You can also mix 1 scoop of this w/a packet of SF Hawaiian Punch single serving and 8oz of water to get a "clear" protein.

    For making my own shakes, I like Syntrax Matrix Vanilla. There are so many different things that you can mix with it to create awesome flavors.

    For premixed drinks, I love Premier Chocolate Shakes that you can get from Sam's or Costco. Honestly, these have been mostly my go-to source for protein post-op. They have 30g of protein in 11oz. However, it takes me a few hours to drink 1.

    Good Luck with your surgery!
  4. SKINNYMINNIE's Avatar
    Great info. Thank you so much. I have put together one last shopping list and am going this weekend to get it all. So nervous and ready to get it over with! But sooooo excited to start losing weight!! You have been amazing - love your posts. THANK YOU!
  5. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    What a fantastic, comphrensive list! I know it will be very helpful for all the people who go to Mexico for the surgery, in fact, it's useful no matter where folks are having their surgery. I am certain you'll do very well as you're informed, positive and pro-active about taking care of yourself. I wish you continued success with this journey and always look forward to your informative posts.
  6. debkay34's Avatar
    I'm heading to surgery in a month. It didn't occur to me that I needed to go shoopping,, thank you so much! going to get some sf popsicles, and jello, and some liquid protein shakes.. thank you!
  7. MediaHound's Avatar
    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Congrats on your success so far!
  8. PURPLELACE's Avatar
    Thank you, Great info and will use it when I shop. April 17 big day. I am in Canada can't get all that you mention but know of others from my band surgery.
  9. Candis the Beautiful's Avatar
    Thank you so much for this list... you are a great help!
  10. will's Avatar
    thank you so much for this list but i was wondering what is the heating pad needed for?
  11. tete1205's Avatar
    This is a GREAT list! Thank you for posting.
  12. N2DVN's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by will
    thank you so much for this list but i was wondering what is the heating pad needed for?
    It helps with the gas pains.
  13. kierasaurus's Avatar
    I was goign to speak to my doctor about getting ursodiol anyways- did you take it beforehand? Is it an everyday sorta thing or how does it prevent an attack?!

    Thank you!
  14. N2DVN's Avatar
    I have been taking it twice a day since 1 week post-op. I'm just past 7 months post and am still taking it. Sort of afraid to stop. I haven't had any problems. It is supposed to prevent gallbladder issues, according to the NIH link in my post.

    BTW, at Walmart it's $15 for a month's supply, not too bad.
  15. nbendily's Avatar
    THANK YOU!I have printed the list and will headed to the store.
    Do they give you diet plan to follow once you return home?
  16. CountryGirl72's Avatar
    Great info!!! Thank you VERY much!!!
  17. N2DVN's Avatar
    After having PS w/4 drains, I have something to add to this list that I wish I had when I did my VSG...buy a PT resistance band (similar to these http://www.amazon.com/Aylio-Exercise...E3YK267K2XZRVJ) to pin your JP drain to while showering. WOW! It was awesome not to have to deal with the drains or worry about them while showering.