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Unflavored Protein!!!!

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Hi Guys,

I am reading more and more about people adding unflavored protein to their clear liquids. Just curious what brand are you all buying? I really want to be prepared for my surgery next week and would like to purchase it this week!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. jrobinson128's Avatar
    GNC has a great one....it has 30Grams of Protein per serving and no flavor. This has been great for me after surgery to make sure i get all my protein in. You can add it to just about anything. It is called Genepro and is a medical grade protein. Also Unjury.com has some great protein powder. Good luck!!
  2. Gabifg's Avatar
    Thank you so much for you reply! I will definitely look into it.
  3. KariVSG's Avatar
    Thank you for your blog
  4. barbaradear1's Avatar
    My suggestion is not to buy too much of any, one, thing. I have protein powders all over my house now. I can't seem to use them all and my taste in food changed tremendously when I got home. Things I liked before I left, I don't really care for now.
  5. Sandra3's Avatar
    Yes, same here. Like Barbara, I have many useless tubes I can't stand anymore. Get samples and wait for after the surgery to stock up. I went mostly with vegan (Sun warrior) but also used organic whey (Now). In "already made" I loved Orgain, taste is good and I loved to have those in the fridge ready to drink...unfortunately I can't get it shipped overseas so I use powder...good luck!
  6. Gabifg's Avatar
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I really love everyone's input.
  7. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    Buy samples, unjury.com sells samples.
    I found that the only one I didn't taste was unjury unflavored BUT each packet is for 8 ounces....I used one packet for 24 oz of milk along with 2 carnation instant breakfast. (Carnation has sugar free) I would sip on my drink throughout the day, 56g of protien. If you put 2 packets of un flavored it's 76g or 78 I think each packet was 22g
  8. Gabifg's Avatar
    Aydensmomma thank you for the suggestion.
  9. azladyrider's Avatar
    Yeah I cannot stand powered protein - gave away 3 huge tubs of it to a friend. I drink the hell out of Labrada Lean Body on the Go though - and for the unflavored I use GenPro - not a big fan cause I can still taste the texture - it's on Amazon. The Labrada shakes are on bobybuilding.com
  10. Kindle's Avatar
    Genepro is not really protein...don't waste your money.
  11. blackjac24's Avatar
    I use genepro with another protein to get 45g in the morning. It has really helped keep me going. It's been almost 4 months since I had surgery.