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Greatest decision ever!!!

Going back to basics! Anyone wants to join me??

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Almost 8 months post op and I must confess I have been doing so many bad food choices lately. I feel sometimes I can eat more and more, sure it hurts but nothing that will stop me from doing it.
My lowest weight was 130 lbs and my body seems to be happy there. I am 132 lbs now and go up and down to 130 again and again.
I am happy where I am now, size 4 in jeans and XS tops but I keep thinking I want to lose more just in case I gain later on I'll have a few lbs to play with. Then I feel like a total looser for thinking this way, how pathetic right?
Anyhow, I have a strong urge to going back to basics before this gets ugly.

Does anyone else feel this way?

I wish I was as dedicated as some of you are here, logging food intake and counting calories. I know I eat very little but I never count the calories and I know for sure they are creeping up.

I saw my family dr today and he told me cholesterol level is high (105), at first he freaked me out then on the form he gave me it said 135 was within normal so what the heck? I think I'm looking for another dr. This guy is really big on plant-based diets. So thank you but not really my kind of thing. Last time I saw him I was 192 lbs and I thought he'd be happy with my new weight, he still told me I am overweight. Ughhhh! Not my day!!

I get it, I still need to lose some fat. I just need to find my motivation again. Get back in the gym and going back to basics!! That's my plan for the rest of 2016! I can do this!!

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  1. Sandra3's Avatar
    Hey sleeve buddy!
    Happy 8th monthiversay!! it's today for me too!!
    Wearing a size 4 and XS tops.....you can't be overweight!! if that doctor is only swearing by some BMI nonsens or fashion diktat, you should find a new one asap for sure!!

    You did lose a lot and should be really proud of it! I'm sure your bariatric surgeon will be happy about your progress!

    Now, about your diet, many count calories, I don't. Well, I kind of know anyway so I don't need to track all the time, only if I eat something new and I'm not sure about it's content.
    I'm surprised I can eat one full cup now. I try not to go overboard and never overeat because I know it can trigger food cravings. Especially with carbs...I really limit those to a minimum.
    But when I feel the sugar craving coming, I also know that my iron could be low...as soon as I increase my iron intake, the cravings go away...Are you still taking all your vitamins?

    Don't worry about the cholesterol, it's normal to see an increase when we lose weight, plus you are fine!

    You reached maintenance, for me that will be months away, I still have a little more than 40 pounds to lose....and I've been losing in snail mode lately!
    Happy monthiversary! enjoy your success!! take care!
  2. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    130lbs!! Congrats on your loss! If you've been maintaining that weight for a while then your probably right, your body is happy there. I'm 130 and want to be 145 but since I've been around 130 for months I'm thinking that my body is happy here.
    As for going back to basics, if you feel that your slipping into bad habits then I would say go for it. It's so easy to give in to temptation or grab something quick to eat even though it's junk. We've had bad eating habits for so long that (for me at leaat) it's hard follow the good habits we developed.
    I don't count calories. I'm almost 2 years out. I know what's good and what's bad. I try to eat healthy but I also allow myself a treat every now and then. I find that knowing I can't have it something makes me want It more.....but allowing myself to have it makes me not crave it so badly.....if that makes sense.
    Be proud of where you are and what you've accomplished in such a short amount of time. Do what you need to do to stay successful.
  3. Connie4's Avatar
    Way to go, your a fighter.. if this is your goal go for it.
    You have done great in the past
    Darn DR. he should have congratulated you, not scorn you
  4. KariVSG's Avatar
  5. Jetinelo's Avatar
    Hi I'll try to join you, little worried I'm about to do my sleeve on 9/22/16, and having second thoughts. Nelo I'll need a plan. I lost so much weigh on two week diet I just don't know.
  6. Jetinelo's Avatar
  7. Jetinelo's Avatar
    Your family Doc is off, 130 lbs that's awesome
  8. Jetinelo's Avatar
    Try Myfitnesspal.com easy to use.