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Looking for reputable doctor in Mexico.

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Hi Everyone,

I am looking to remove my lapband and get the gastric sleeve surgery. My insurance does not cover barbaric surgery. I had my lapband done in Monterrey with Doctor Rumbaut, he is very good but also very expensive. He charges for the sleeve $161,000 pesos ($8,400 USD) and to remove the lapband another $82,000 pesos ($4,000 USD). Since I have to pay out of pocket completely I al looking for someone cheaper but also reputable.

I came across Doc Almanza but after googling him, I found there are several complaints and investigations against him. Any hel and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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  1. shymamichula's Avatar
    I had my surgery with Dr Almanza's group I had a wonderful experience just please follow your pre-op orders to a tee and you wont have any issues good luck
  2. lorylynch's Avatar
    I did Hernandez ( Dr Almanza group as well) weightloss agents and had a great experience 4k total with plane tickets!
  3. Pam G's Avatar
    It's a good thing that your insurance won't cover barbaric surgery! Lol
  4. zoey101's Avatar
    I had Almanza as well and no problems whatsoever. Like someone else said you MUST follow the pre-op and post-op instructions to a "T" so no cheating and you will be just fine. I also have heard of these stories about him of course long after my surgery but it is scary to hear about. Here's the thing I really think allot of the people that had issues did it to themselves. I remember seeing one girl in the lobby the day after my surgery and she had a tube in her nose. We stopped and asked what happened, well she drank soda the day after surgery, so what did she expect. She ended up with a leak and had to have surgery to fix it. It kind of shows you that some people just aren't ready to make the appropriate life changes that are needed for success. I personally had a pretty great experience with him and I think he is an exceptional surgeon and I'll tell you why. There was a Mother and Daughter in the room next to me at the hotel. The Mom just kept crying so I asked what was wrong. She went on to tell me that she was crying because Dr. Almanza refused to do her surgery and had to close her back up once he saw what was in her. Apparently several years before she had a different surgery and had staples and a ton of scar tissue so for that reason he felt it would be extremely dangerous to operate. He was very sorry but he said it wasn't safe and nobody should ever preform this surgery on her ever. He closed her up and gave her back every single dime she had paid him. He didn't even charge her to go in to start surgery or her stay in the hospital for the night. To me that told me allot about him and I then knew this Dr. was not just in it for the money, he actually cares about what he does. Listen things can always go wrong, that's the risk we take when getting voluntary surgery or any surgery but I believe if you follow the rules you shouldn't have any problems. Bets of luck to you and I know it's a hard decision.
  5. Robin1977's Avatar
    I was sleeved by Dr. Ariel Ortiz in Tijuana. It was a wonderful experience. I would recommend him to anyone considering getting sleeved. He has several YouTube videos you can view to learn more about his expertise. Good luck to you in your decision. You won't regret it. ��
  6. jennifermeske's Avatar
    Dr. Sergio Verboonen was the best, for me and my husband, plus he does revisions all the time. Look him up on facebook, he answered me all the time with the little and big questions.
  7. KariVSG's Avatar
    I heard Dr. Almanza and Dr. Ortiz are both good
  8. Gabifg's Avatar
    Thank you everyone for the great input you have provided. @ Zoey101, the experience your Mom had with Almanza speaks volumes of his ethical practice and what a great human being he is! Glad to hear that are still Doctors out there that truly care about people and not just money.