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The Beginning

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The purpose of this blog is hopefully to encourage others in their efforts to lose weight. I realize that not everyone is the same, so I can only give you my viewpoint of the gastric bypass procedure that I am going through.

I have struggled with my weight for over half my life. Weight gain began for me when I got married. I became comfortable. We had kids and we were living the American Dream. But after 15 years of marriage, my world came crumbling down when my wife decided to call it quits on our marriage. This caused me to eat away my feelings. And I continued to get bigger and bigger. I knew I was big, but I never weighed myself. Heck...I didn't even own a working set of scales.

The breaking point for me, came the day that I stepped into the doctor's office because I had the flu. It was SO embarrassing that they could not weigh me on a regular set of scales. When they finally found something that could weigh me, I had grown to almost 450 lbs.

Well, the flu took some of the weight off, but I had determined in my mind that I would have to do something about my weight. I started by doing Keto. Which was great for me because I love meat, eggs and cheese. Throughout it all, I initially lost 50 pounds.

However, I knew that Keto would not get me to where I needed to be. I am a weak-willed person and I would mess up and go carb-crazy! I had heard of the gastric sleeve surgery and had even run up on several people who had had it done. They looked amazing and I began to dream of the possibility of having it done in my life.

My insurance basically told me that, even if my life depended on it, that they would not cover the surgery, so I turned to going out of the country to having it done. Now...there were MANY reservations about having surgery outside of the United States. And many of the people that I told were VERY concerned that I would not only lose my weight, but also a liver and a spleen and a kidney and a....

But I read the reviews and I did my homework and I settled on the services through Weightloss Agents with Dr. Hernandez. And this is the beginning of my story and my struggle to lose the weight that I need to lose, in order to be healthy. My goal is to give you a daily look at the process of making what may very well be one of the most important decisions that I have ever made in my life concerning my health. And by doing this, I hope that I can encourage any who are reading this in their struggles as well.

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  1. KariVSG's Avatar
    Thank you for your post. I hope everything works out well for you. please keep me posted on your progress
  2. TarotAces's Avatar
    Thank you.

    Keep blogging. You have an audience. lol