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Sweating and Hydration

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Does exercising help you to drink more water? When I walk I become very sweaty and am concerned that I may be sweating more than rehydration can replace once I get my sleeve. Granted, it is between 86 and 104 degrees now. So wanted to know from you experienced sleevers if you are able to take in more water after working out.

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  1. Sandra3's Avatar
    I'm glad I had my surgery done during winter, because the first weeks I couldn't drink much. I did feel dizzy several times and that was completely related to dehydration, it was confirmed by my surgeon who said most patients will be dehydrated at some point. Now, at almost 7 months post-op, I'm able to drink almost as much as pre-op, which is great because I live in Asia and it's hot and humid, just walking 20 minutes down the street is worth than any sauna...Drinking was not easy the first weeks, became better around month 2/3. The key is to drink often, try all temperatures and textures, herbal tea is easier to drink for me than water, iced cold drinks are better in general than hot drinks, carry a bottle with you all the time to help you know how much you are drinking and drink regularly. The good thing about the weight loss is that loosing so much weight will also make you sweat less...for weeks after surgery I was always cold, now that it's so hot outside, I'm never as sweaty as I was pre-op.
  2. sraebaer's Avatar
    Yes, you have to drink more in the heat, but if it's 104 please find an alternate exercise! That's dangerous. It's pretty hot here too, so I run at 5 am. But when it cools off I'll be back to exercising after work.
  3. KariVSG's Avatar
    I agree with sraebaer and Sandra3. Drink drink drink
  4. Zosime's Avatar
    Thank you Sandra3, sraebaer, and KariVSG....

    I am still pre-surgery, so can get good guzzles down now; I am planning my post surgery exercise routine. I am currently walking between 3 - 5 miles per day and I carry water with me. I also walk in the woods during morning and evening so not as much direct sunlight . Just a heck of a sweater!

    Sandra3 brought up a good point that has me wondering about seasonal timing for VSG. I imagine that having the VSG during the summer months is riskier. My surgery is in September, so I am hoping the cooler temps keep me from dehydrating. Its a point I hope folks consider.