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Phase 2

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So after walking around 2 hours we all did fine. Walking helps aid your fluids in becoming clear. They gave us another round of meds fluids that night and we went to sleep.

Next morning we showered got new bandages and went for our leak test. Nasty absolutely nasty. Not gonna lie. The first purple drink tastes like metal. And as long as it's not purple in the drain you're good. Then they drive you to a radiologist and make you take 2 shots of the barium. It's doable but it's not tasty. Then they send you with your X-rays. Just know everyone is different but for all the ladies I was with that barium caused diarrhea so don't trust a fart lol

Then we went to the market. All of the people there are pushing you to spend money I just finally told them I had no more more and they left me alone lol. Then took a taxi around tiajuanna felt safe the entire time. Just sip and walk.

Walking around with that drain is inconvenient but just think about how much excess weight we've been making ourselves carry around. So just deal with it and you'll make it through.

Had another round of fluids pain and nausea meds then they took out my IV. Then the drain tube. And it doesn't hurt when it's getting pulled up but feels weird until it comes out that hole then it got me with a little pain but not bad.

The next day we were going home! If there's anything I left out or you have questions about just let me know. Oh and the doctor goes over the x Ray with you and it took us about 2 hours to get across the border.

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  1. Pam G's Avatar
    Ugh, that barium! That was so gross! I'd forgotten about it....like the pain of childbirth.....its just that bad.
  2. Connie4's Avatar
    No it can't be that BAD.. I hope