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Well I did it and here's how it went....phase 1

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So I packed more then I should have but I was thinking I'd rather be prepared. But really clothes, gas x strips, hygiene products , extra medical tape, and a coloring book is all I have used. Might want comfy shoes I walked around in flip flops kinda sacked but I made it.

San Diego airport is small, very easy to find where you need to go. Got picked up, 30 or so minute ride straight to hospital for preoperative tests, took about 40 minutes for 2 of us. They give you everything you need to know and do. And send ya back to the hotel room. Ask for a fridge! I didn't but wish I did. Otherwise the bage of goodies they give you gets hot quick but they have ice here so we made a make shift cooler for our jello from an ice bucket. Oh a day the ramp system is interesting lol actually I didn't care for it on the way up but after surgery was nice.

The have a nurses room here and they give you all your information for the following day. Wake up call, when to be in the lobby whether to bring your stuff or not. They literally walk you through everything and answer everything you want to know.

We left at 6:45am to the hospital. Got changed which means everything comes of panties too and then the nurses gave us our IV's. Then one by one they take you back to anesthesia all I remember was waiting on the anesthesiologist then giving him my age. I woke up in the same room I waited for the anesthesiologist then they put me in a wheel chair and brought me back to my room where I got changes. I was 2nd for surgery and was out by 10:15 am.

Most all nurses spoke good English and very helpful. I went alone which I could have done but a lady had her daughter with her who was bilingual and translated and helped us with getting things for us. Getting us out of bed. Getting the nurses etc. There are no nurse call buttons here lol but they aren't far from the room if you called they could hear. But I was very grateful her daughter was there it made things so much easier after surgery. We stayed the night in the hospital and visitors leave at 8pm they will take them back to the hotel.

After surgery I won't say was a cake walk but it was doable for me and the 2 ladies with me. You can't drink anything after surgerythromycin, no ice Chips or anything just rinse your mouth out. Everything we got up to walk we all got nauseous but it didn't last and it after you drive heaved we felt better and walked. The more you walk the better you heal and feel. They tell you your drained fluid needs to be more on the clear side then red blood side. I keep a record of when the nurses came in and what they did. Drain you, pain meds fLuis, etc from start to finish just a person prefence. Also getting burped like someone patting you on the back helped a lot of ladies pass the gas. Also they give you all the take home meds then too.

I left the hotel around 8 the day after surgery, got to the hotel took all bandages off and took a shower. Called the nurses room and they put new bandages on and hooked me up to another round of fluids pain meds and nauses meds and I took a nap. Felt great after that walked for about 2 hours and now I'm here writing this. Lol when the next phase starts tonight I'll post about it as well . Not a cake walk but worth it so far.

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  1. Donna Rudewick's Avatar
    Congrats to you! So glad everything went well and your feeling good. Just think, it gets better everyday!! 😀
  2. CAREN's Avatar
    Congratulations!!! I leave for San Diego tomorrow and appreciate all the detailed info. Thanks!!
  3. Tmarie's Avatar
    Sounds like I can do this !! Good for you!!! Yay
  4. Yellow Rose's Avatar
    I really appreciate your update. The more I can read about what to expect the better.

    Prayers and good thoughts for smooth sailing for you.
  5. lorylynch's Avatar
    Love the updates, thanks and wtg you got this!!
  6. luckygirl's Avatar
    So happy the worst is over. Have a great trip home.
  7. Connie4's Avatar
    Your story had me right there with you. Thanks for your experiences.
  8. eid1260's Avatar
    THANK you for the updates and detail.....I leave on the 22nd, surgery on the 23rd. I am so ready for this! I love to read it's not all super easy, and that makes me feel better, because I believe I can do it, and have realistic expectations.
  9. xtalbling's Avatar
    YEAH!!! You did awesome, congrerats on your new journey!
  10. Kbar1234's Avatar
    Im having my surgery next month an i have big time anxiety... My best friend is going with me, is she allowed to stay at the hospital with me after surgery? Cause i am not wanting her to leave my side?
  11. Itsmylife2016's Avatar
    I just read my post and realize some words in there don't make sense but hope it's still understandable lol sorry guys guess I was in a hurry
  12. Alisha's Avatar
    Thanks for all of the details.....it helps to understand what to expect. Please continue to post and I will continue to read.
  13. vibrownsugar's Avatar
    This was a great post. This really helped me.
  14. KariVSG's Avatar
    Congrats, thank you for the info