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I week post surgery

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Today makes 1 week since surgery. I returned to work and had an amazing day. Took the stairs all day and was not even sore. I have healed fast and recovery has been easier than most from what I am reading. I did not stay the night at hospital as my doctor made it day surgery. I was up and walking the halls within a couple of hours from my surgery and home the same day. The second day I was walking around my house with a timer for 5 minutes and rubbing my belly the whole time. I set a interval timer on phone and every 15 minutes I was sipping a medicine cap of water and when I finished it I started timer again. Every two hours awake I did my 5 minute walking. 3 day I was so sore felt bad all day but continued on. 4th day was the turning point and felt great and getting protein drinks in and stopped using timer as I was going great in getting fluids down.

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  1. donna4gastricsleeve's Avatar
    Six days out and went into the office for a few hours today but I over did it sitting in my chair for that long was not good. Will shorten my time tomorrow now that I know my limitations.
  2. blackjac24's Avatar
    I am so glad you are feeling so good, just be careful to not push yourself to fast. You have the rest of your life to do it the right way. My worst time was my 3 through 5th week. After my one month I started walking 1 to 4 miles a day. Look forward to hearing how you are doing after your one week appointment.
  3. Donna Rudewick's Avatar
    Don't do to much to fast. But isn't it wonderful !!
  4. Shirl's Avatar
    I was very blessed to have recovered exceptional well. I was back at work one week post op. It was mostly driving to/from clients and interviews. The mental aspect was a bit draining, but over all it was okay. I started exercising one week post op too. I couldn't believe the energy I had, and trust me at almost three months post op and looking back, I have had several cycles of low energy points. At one point I was afraid I was on a depressed spell. I'm not a psychologist by degree, but I work in social services, and all the symptoms were there. I was pushing myself too hard and my body and mind were exhausted.

    I am not one to idle around, but since I was moving I decided to quit my job end of June, and take it easy until I start my new job August 29th. I have enjoyed a lot of leisure time, visiting with family and friends, a lot sleeping and outdoors time. I feel a hundred 100% better, but I'm not pushing myself as hard as I did early on. I have not had any complaints or complications from surgery (except the occasional dreaded constipation) but I do have to admit that surgery and specially gastric sleeve surgery (for me at least) has been physically and emotionally draining (spiritually too).

    Everyday is a brand new day with a set of new learning experiences about what we can or can't tolerate. What worked last week may not necessarily work this week.

    Definitely be grateful for your fast recovery, but take it easy on yourself and make time for selfcare. We are still far from being fully healed.
  5. JulieE's Avatar
    I am really happy to hear the good news about recovery. I was worried it would be a longer down time, but you guy's are awesome it seems!!! My surgery is August 16th and I am super excited to start my new way of life.
  6. auntygayle's Avatar
    Glad to hear your recovery is coming along so well. I'm at the one week mark, too, but I feel like I've been run over by a truck! I'm sure it will all come together, just a little slower for me. It might also be my age. Best wishes.
  7. ITACAT465's Avatar
    Thank you everyone and so far so good.