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At the airport

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Well I'm here and there's no turning back. While I have time sitting waiting to board I'll write about my progress. I was given a 5 day preop but did a 7 day. Which I will say has not been pleasant. I was addicted to food and most of all sugars. Fried foods, Mexican foods, Chocolate candy ice cream were on my weekly food menu. And then poof no more. And that's when the horrible headaches started. And on the 6th day yesterday I just couldn't eat well drink anything and keep it down. Was not pleasant. But I'm here moving forward trying to drink as much water as possible and board my plane. Which I'm sure I packed way too much crap but I'll let y'all know what I actually had to use and what I didn't use. Much love and good wishes for everyone !

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  1. miamiblake33's Avatar
    Best wishes! One step closer. I will be there Thursday! Let's do this.
  2. zoey101's Avatar
    Good Luck tomorrow, let us know how it goes!
  3. Yellow Rose's Avatar
    Not looking forward to the pre-op but am telling myself it has to be done to get to where I want to be.

    Good luck - sending up prayers and good thoughts for a speedy recovery and safe travels.
  4. Donna Rudewick's Avatar
    Good luck and safe travels
  5. CAREN's Avatar
    Good Luck!!
  6. Itsmylife2016's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! Getting picked up at 6:45am. Night for now.