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Waiting Game

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This waiting game is killing me lol All I can talk about is surgery and honestly nobody around me cares hahaha. I have done all the documents, bought my plan ticket, arranged the rides to and from the airport. I bought new PJ's and a robe to be comfy in while I'm on vacation. I buy small stuff here and there to get ready for this lifestyle change. Heck I'm dang near packed and out the door, this 30 or so days need to come. However I find myself eating whatever I want with the excuse of this surgery and that I need to change because I feel like I have gained about 15lbs since I've started this process

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  1. Donna Rudewick's Avatar
    I know how you feel and can empathize with you. Ive been waiting since November 2015 for a date!! I just finished up my 2 week preop (your so lucky if you didnt have one) and am going wednesday 7/13/16 to see my doctor and get my surgery date. Ive been postponed for awhile due to high bp. Now that its somewhat under control Im ready to get this on the road. But yes you do need to get control of your eating habits now. Once you have surgery your whole world is gonna change. I understand the food funerals cause Ive had a few myself. But its getting close to time to buckle down and start making changes now before surgery so you arent surprised. Also the earlier you start dealing with head hunger (and you will have it) the easier it will be on you in the long run. Good luck on your journey and keep up posted on your progress!!
  2. KariVSG's Avatar
    I am doing the same thing. I went and bought a yumbox off of amazon for my meals after surgery.
  3. Itsmylife2016's Avatar
    Thank you ladies for the support and advice it is much needed and dully noted, now time to put it into play and stop using the surgery as an excuse to eat whatever I want !
  4. xtalbling's Avatar
    I understand exactly. The clsoer to my date (22 days), the more im glued to this site to pick up anything i can use when i get home. Like you i have everything done and now its the waiting game. I booked mine a little over 4 weeks and that was to make sure i got a passport and it came in 3 weeks 5 days lol. So even though i am behind you i wil lwait with you and be excited with you! We are so close