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getting my head ready

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I'm still 7 weeks out from VGS surgery and am preparing myself mentally. I've always believed in goal setting and visualizing so here are my thoughts on what I expect post-surgery:

less knee pain
ability to once again cross my legs
ability to climb stairs without using railing to pull myself up
more energy
plane seatbelt fits once again
more control over food
eat healthier
not self conscious of my body
can wear cute clothes again
pride in my accomplishment
don't need some meds
look younger
like looking in a mirror again
control my food cravings

Here are some of my fears:

gaining weight
making mistakes
resentment - watching others enjoy food and wine
feeling deprived

I tend to be a positive person so will continue to visualize success. This site is so inspirational for me!!

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  1. KariVSG's Avatar
    I love your expectations
  2. Mbenson5's Avatar
    Great goals! All of those good things happen, and more! I wish you all the best!
  3. Tclark's Avatar
    I like those goals also
  4. Muted_Tummy's Avatar
    great goals! my only "things to think about" is "control of food"......

    WLS patients can learn new ways to be out of control with food...we can shift from eating large quantities at one sitting to other habits that lead to non weight loss or worse, weight gain.

    That "head work" does not come with the tool of sleeve. We have to work on our issues with food separately. Many of us, some on here, will tell you therapy makes all the difference in that arena.

    Few of us, like me, never lose hunger in the honeymoon stage, so, if straight ole hunger is a trigger for you, you could be dealing with managing that early on (rare).

    The list of non scale things is not only a motivator it's realistic and more about what this journey is about...it's not getting to a number on a scale, it's getting back to living the life you dream for yourself in a smaller, healthier body that can do those things
  5. jennifermeske's Avatar
    At 17 months here is the truth to your fears:

    gaining weight: yes you can gain weight and probably will gain some back. I play with 10 pounds if I graze, don't exercise and drink to much wine, but when I get those back under control, bam, right back off (well, with some hard work first).

    discomfort: yes in the beginning but oh what I would do for that again. Enjoy it, it is the discomfort that promoted my 70 pound weight loss.

    making mistakes: hello, your human of course you'll make mistakes but you will learn what works and what doesn't. Forgiveness is the greatest gift from God, embrace it for yourself also.

    resentment - watching others enjoy food and wine: Huge lie: you will eat and drink great food and fine wine again, just smaller amounts and ice in your wine. You'll be so thankful for not being able to eat that whole plate of food, and eventually you can drink a whole bottle of wine every day and still lose weight but of course you must not do this, not good for your liver but wow, there was a time when I was amazed I could do it and still lose weight. I have to monitor my wine now but oh how I love my fine Borolo!

    feeling deprived: Nope, You will be so thankful you cant eat that whole plate of food