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big concern

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Can I get some feedback from post op sleeve folks regarding hair loss? I am 66 and have lost hair over the last 15 years and DON'T want to lose more. Suggestions?? Thanks

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  1. blackjac24's Avatar
    I haven't had any problems, but I am only 3 weeks out. I figured if I did, I could buy a wig or 2 until my hair comes back. Nothing was going to stop me from having the surgery😉
  2. KariVSG's Avatar
    I would also like to know the answer to that
  3. sraebaer's Avatar
    Not much you can do about it except eat your protein and take your vitamins, but it seems to happen to most of us. Some take special vitamins for hair, but I didn't. My biggest concern was being fat, and I am no longer fat. Sure I lost some hair, but not enough for anyone except me to notice. From what I've read here, and from my experience, it comes back. (I haven't heard about anyone losing hair permanently.)
  4. blackjac24's Avatar
    I also switched to all natural hair products, that really help strengthen and thicken the hair. Its called Monat and I sell it if you want samples I can mail you some. I have been a hair stylist for 28 years and this hair system is the best I have ever used.
  5. Pam G's Avatar
    There's not a lot you can do to prevent it. Some swear by protein, some by biotin, others by iron.

    Hair grows in 3 month cycles, so the trauma of surgery has already happened.

    It's not permanent loss, it'll grow back
  6. WANAGL's Avatar
    Start taking prenatal vitamins and biotin (minimum 10,000 mgs per day) NOW. Add more protein to your diet. Continue this post-op.

    I'm 64 years young and I was lucky to have thick hair before surgery.

    There's nothing you can do to stop your hair from falling out. The protein and vitamins will help with regrowth. I use Nioxin 4 shampoo and conditioner.

    I hope this helps!

    Best of luck as you embark on your journey!

  7. Sandra3's Avatar
    Hello, I always had a tendency to lose my hair because of medication, stress, anemia, pregnancy...basically...everything can trigger hair loss. I did take vitamins, biotin before the surgery, had a big fall at day 3 (anticoagulant) then at 3 month because I was not eating enough proteins. Right now it's getting a little better, but still falling. Do I care, yes a little, but not that much, losing the weight is more important, my health was at a point where wearing a wig was one option, not getting the surgery was not. Right now I do use toppik as a camouflage because the top of my head is really thin (an I have dark hair, the contrast with my scalp is making it worth), but it will grow back at some point, it did in the past...with the keratin powder no one can see anything, so all good! take care!
  8. Ann2's Avatar
    I had VSG surgery at age 68. I lost some hair from Months 4-9. But at nearly two years post-op now, it's ALL come back.

    This is something that happen to many people who have major surgery. It's a well-known but temporary phenomenon. Google "telogen effluvium."
  9. Muted_Tummy's Avatar
    Oft not known or discussed is the relationship between hair loss and ketosis. You either have to work to stay in ketosis or stay out of it. Going in and out makes hair loss worse. I'm too early iut for hair loss due to the hair growth cycle.
  10. Indianasleeve's Avatar
    I lost some hair months 3-7 but it all came back.
  11. cookie0203's Avatar
    Thanks to you all for the helpful information! I currently use Topic and it does help hide my scalp. Lots of cute wigs out there too!!
  12. jennifermeske's Avatar
    You'll lose hair, you have to its the first reaction the body goes through with malnurishment. It grows back though don't worry.