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And so it begins

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Like so many of you on this site, I have struggled for years with the one thing I just could not control - my weight. I looked into gastric surgery twice and backed out twice. But the third time was the charm and my surgery is scheduled for August 23, 2016. Never did I think I would actually look forward to having a surgical procedure. But I am! I know the journey will just begin after surgery and it will be tough. I am so encouraged by everyone here and love reading the posts. I can relate to so many of you. I'm 66, in fairly good health, and want to stay healthy! I like to write so will use this forum to record my thoughts, frustrations, learnings, and feelings as I go through this. Let the journey to a new me begin!

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  1. MaryRevised's Avatar
    How exciting to get your date! Keep us posted!
  2. Blove2012's Avatar
    You can do this!!!
  3. gammagirl7's Avatar
    Good luck and I'm excited for you!! Mine is July 8th and like you I've struggled on making that decision! But when my friend had hers done and watching her lose the weight wow I was so amazed! Wished I would have done it sooner!
  4. cookie0203's Avatar
    I'm happy for you! July 8 - one week away to the beginning of a new life!
  5. gammagirl7's Avatar
    I know and I'm so excited!