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Sleeve to bypass

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Has anybody gone from sleeve to bypass ?

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  1. Beautiful's Avatar
    Well I see no- one has gone from sleeve to bypass , so in a few weeks I'll be .
  2. kristie2's Avatar
    I not trying to change your mind but here are some plus and negtives. First is if you have bad heart burn do rny two if you are not a big drinker of water go rny and my surgeon just told me they are having people more people who have sleeve go back for rny. The plus I can say are I am lossing weight at a safe pace and no dumping and I am four weeks out and been dehydrated two times I had to get iv. My doctor said sone people take up to six months to feel normal others are great a week out. Wish you best luck. I have a friend who had rny she has no problems.
  3. Beautiful's Avatar
    Well kristie2 I have been suffering with this hiatal hernia since January and the heart burn is very bad and now that my esophagus is some what healed and my stomach also ,my doctor can now do the surgery to repair and to do the gastric bypass.so I'm looking for people who have done this .
  4. azladyrider's Avatar
    I've known a few lately and they seem to be doing well. I had thought about it but then figured I'd rather get back to the basics and do it on my own. Only gained like 17 pounds over the last 2 years due to illnesses unrelated and in three weeks lost 8 of those so I'm good and back to nearly where I want to be. If the other issues bother you that much check into it and decide

    Mini bypass not a full one is what I considered
  5. Pam G's Avatar
    I bet you'd find more people if you went to a gastric bypass forum site.....