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5 k

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Has anyone even done a 5 K? I have NEVER done a marathon. After 6 months of laziness and seeing my size go up and celulite hit, I need motivation. This seems like it would be good for me. And I am so EXCITED to do it with my daughter.

Does anyone has any suggestions on how to get into shape for this? How about running? I normally end up with neck and left shoulder pain from running. The only person in my town that helps teach you to run wants $250. NOT in my price range. HAHA.. I am a waitress so I am active; but my carido is crappy.

Any suggestions?


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  1. mrtumnus's Avatar
    a 5k is not a marathon..a marathon is 26.2 ish miles and months of training is recommended..A 5k is really not a big deal to complete unless you plan on running the entire time which is not recommended by Galloway.
  2. Treva's Avatar
    I lot of my friends have downloaded the app couch to 5k and it has helped them get ready.
  3. Pam G's Avatar
    5k is only three miles
  4. Tandem's Avatar
    I second couch to 5k. I haven't actually ran a 5k. However, pre-surgery, I wasn't able to run at all. After completing the couch to 5k program, I'm able to run two full miles which is quite and achievement for me. Just had surgery last week and one of my goals is to run a 5k!
  5. candik's Avatar
    I am a runner and have done many races and distances. Your shoulder and neck pain is probably due to hunching a little so make sure to keep your abs in tight, your shoulders back and your head up and looking in front of you and not to the ground. If you are new to running do 30 second jogs and 1-2 minute walks for the entire distance you are going. Once that becomes easy decrease your walk time and slowly increase your jog time. Make sure you stretch well afterwards. Oh and the most important thing is to make sure you have the right shoes. It is definitely worth the investment. If you have a local running store they can help you find the right one. Best of luck!
  6. sraebaer's Avatar
    I was a big walker both before and after surgery. About a year after surgery I started running small sections of my walk. I started easy, with the downhill parts. Then I just worked up gradually. Finally I could run all but the steep uphills. Then I added them. Now I can run 5 miles. So I guess my advice is start by walking and then work up to running with "baby steps." (Probably just what that couch to 5K thing does...)

    Music really helps my motivation, currently it's the soundtrack to Hamilton!
  7. tracharity's Avatar
    Hey it a marathon if you haven't done one. Hell walking to the mailbox is a marathon if you always drive anyway. Start off walking I've done a couple of 5K's. I started off at a little at a time . Half mile to mile and so on and so on till I made it to my goal. I walk everyday one day for speed then for distance everyday yes everyday even in rain. I hate it I'm a sun loving person but yes in rain, cold go to gym train your body buy some walking shoes get a walking app I like myfitness walk it's the best thing in my life to keep me motivated. Now I'm going to warn you once you do this 5K it's like tattoos you are going to want to do another and another very addictive. I'm looking for my third this year I would have never guessed that three yrs ago yes 3 you can do this just focus and you've got this. (p.s. you can walk or run but the shoes are very important get so good shoes hurt feet is a runner/walkers nightmare and drink a lot of water.)