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A year and a half

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So I'm officially 18 months into this thing and still very happy I made the decision to sleeve. I didn't get the results I had ultimately hoped for but my life and health remain so much better. For review I started at 270 and got as low at 193 (I was 190 for a few weeks but it didn't last so I don't count it). I am the same weight today that I was at 6 months (203) so a bit disappointing that I can't maintain under 200 but it is what it is. It still blows my mind that I need to buy a large for my cloths and my pant size fluctuates between a 16/18 depending on style.
So not bad but not the 100 lb weight loss I watched others in my sleeve "class" (dec 2014) achieve. My goal now is to continue to lose 20 more lbs. I really would like to be around 180 but the reality is that now it's just like before the sleeve, it's REALLY hard to lose weight. I joined a facility that does personal training and although that experience required some weight gain (muscle) I am more fit than I have ever been in my life. The things I can do now were unimanigable to me in 2014. Exercise routines vary but timing involves 5 mins of stretching, 40 minutes of crossfit (mountain climbers, burpees, planks, super mans, squats, weight lifting, boxing and bikes. It is hard but so much fun and the support from others in the group is nice. I always used to say that I wasn't a gym class kind of person, that I preferred to work out on my own, but it's comforting working out with the same people everyday and supporting each other through the workouts.
Problem is all that working out makes you hungry, really hungry! So 1200 calories a day and I simply maintain. If I try to drop calories below that to lose weight then I am starving which leads to making bad choices. So back to the vicious cycle prior to my surgery of trying and failing but the difference is now I am armed with better nutritional knowledge and my accomplishment of 70 lbs weight loss which I will protect til my death.
So that's my update, chugging along, truly happy but still struggling on the journey. My overall goal remains to weigh 180 but my realistic goal is to be 200 or less (any number will do) by 2 years out. If anyone has any suggestions on how to jumpstart some weight loss I'm all ears. I've tried going protein liquids for 5 days like pre op but I can't do it. I get physically ill (dizzy, nauseous) because I'm too hungry but I'll try just about anything to kick this weight loss into gear again. Let me know your thoughts! Peace and best wishes to you all.

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  1. Katrina's Avatar
    Can you do one day of protein liquids? That's what I do. Two or three days in a row of eating anything and everything I can get my greedy hands on then one day of protein shakes. Today is a protein shake day. Drinking one now. I drink Monster muscle energy shakes with 25 grams of protein in chocolate. They are delicious! I started this one at 6:30 am. Will have another at 12:30. My final one will be at 6:30 pm. The one day of protein shakes gets rid of the two - three days (2-3 pounds) and then I start the vicious cycle again. It works for me because it allows me to have whatever I want on the food days, and I want A LOT. I assume if you don't go batshit crazy on your food days like I do then on your liquid days you could lose extra whereas I basically just maintain the same weight. Just a thought and maybe worth a try?
  2. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    Sounds like your body is happy where it is :-)
    My only suggestion is if you do the same thing everyday, same foods, same cal. Intake, same exercises, then try to change things up. Our bodies get used to the routine. Maybe up the calories for a few days and then go back to the 1200.
    Either way, you look great and you said you feel great
    That is the best achievement ;-)
  3. Shirl's Avatar
    Congratulations on everything you have achieved so far! I loved what you said about guarding that weightloss with your life. I feel the same way.

    Most readings that I have come across say the the gastric sleeve may help us shed somewhere in the 60% of the extra weight we are carrying. Knowing that I am preparing for that stall at around 180lbs but with my height and frame I want to get down to 140lbs. I'll still be on the heavy side but I won't be obese side any longer.

    I also love the other thing you said about being better informed, that's really important. As far as being hungry I feel you! Have you tried replacing your dinner with a protein shake? The Raw Fit For Weightloss and the Tera's Whey Hunger Control have been working their magic for me. I was having night hunger and cravings, and believe me when I tell you those little pesky tentacles have been kept at bay lately. I got them both at Whole Foods.

    I joined a gym that focuses on cardio and callanetics and on recovery they call they method 10/20/30 (10 minutes of intense cardio on a lateral elliptical called the Hellix, it targets all major muscle groups unlike the traditional elliptical, 20 minutes of strength training through small repeated movements on a vibrating plate, and finally 30 minutes of recovery in an infrared sauna.) trust me it's intense! I just started to I do not have much to report, but will keep you posted. You can do the same intensity on a treadmill... To the highest incline and try walking or jogging the fastest you can do while still holding a conversation (this is sign that you are in the zone, and burning fat I have been told, if you can't have a conversation you ate just burning/wasting energy... It made sense when the trainer told me) for ten minutes.

    Callanetics are similar to Pilates or Yoga poses.

    You got this!

    I'm looking forward to more updates from you!