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I'm curious if anyone has drank beer after the sleeve? I'm almost 2 years out and have not had any carbonation but was curious as to what a beer would do once in a great while. I have no problems with maintaining weight at this time and am not looking to screw that up but am curious about beer.

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  1. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    I had some soda (Don't shoot!!)
    It was ok. Fuzzy feeling, little strange.
  2. jennifermeske's Avatar
    Dr Verboonen, my great doc who has been through the surgery himself, loves his beer. I love wine and have it all the time. It will really fill you up!
  3. wydols's Avatar
    Thank you for the input. I have my cosmopolitans when I want but would love a beer on occasion. I know my weight gain had nothing to do with my intake of beer it was always the food so I figured if I had one once in awhile it wasn't going to hurt me. I've had a sip in the past of someones but haven't tried to drink one of my own but I do see that happening in the near future
  4. Kindle's Avatar
    Carbonation is the one and only thing my sleeve can't do. It's just too uncomfortable. I've had beer a few times, but 1 or 2 swallows from someone else's bottle is all I can do. I've had hard cider, poured over ice and let defizz and I could sip that OK. I have no problems with hard alcohol, just carbonation. In fact, I drank a boatload of bourbon disguised as mint julips at the Derby party last Saturday.
  5. JennK's Avatar
    I love beer... im still too early on, but I can't wait till im able to have some burger and a beer... Even if its only 1/2 of each, its goona be wonderful!!
  6. Sandra3's Avatar
    I had a sip at my husband's sparkling water a few weeks ago, was not the best feeling. But my doctor told me I should be able to drink sparkling water before the end of my first year. Beer should be fine too I guess, especially since you are at two years, but have some food 30 mns before, just to avoid the alcohol to get to you too fast....
  7. wydols's Avatar
    UPDATE...I bought some Michelob Ultras, 8 oz cans, which I loved since I knew I would drink them slower and the smaller would be easier to try and drink before they got warm. I was at the pool with friends and by the 3rd one over a couple of hours I felt very full and bloated so knew that I was done. Didn't affect me in any way other than that. But it was nice to be able to sit at the pool with a cocktail with friends.
  8. JennK's Avatar
    wow, 8 oz is a lot!! good for you. I'll be happy with 1/2 that... and some bbq of course!!