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7 months post op

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I had surgery Aug 28th 2016, in Tijuana Mexico, with Dr Almanza. Best decision I ever made
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  1. RehabNurse's Avatar
    Wow...you look fabulous! Keep up the great work. I'm envious that you lost the weight so quickly!
  2. LaffeyTaffey's Avatar
  3. JennK's Avatar
    wow, you look great! congrats
  4. Indianasleeve's Avatar
  5. royal32's Avatar
    Thanks guys I was actually concerned about how fast I was loosing I am happy with my weight and would like to stop loosing now anyone know what I can do to stay at my current weight and not loose anymore???
  6. Beautiful's Avatar
    You do mean Aug of 2015 right or is this a dream for Aug 2016 ? Just kidding you look marvelous..
  7. LaffeyTaffey's Avatar
    Hi Royal! Wow you're just a little over 8 months post op - congratulations!! Now that you've reached your goal, you'll want to increase you calorie intake a bit. Nothing too crazy! If you're very active, you'll want to eat/drink extra calories and nutrients
  8. blackjac24's Avatar
    Wow, you look awesome!
  9. royal32's Avatar
    I'll try laffey taffey but eating more is so hard, I'm super active and I'm always hungry but after 2-3 bites I'm stuffed