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Had My Surgery on Monday

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Surgery went well, there was a lot of scar tissue from my gall bladder removed in November 1989 and spleen in January 1994. What I did not realize that according to the Surgeon that is like trying to fix someone hair with a head full of hair knots. They almost cancelled by surgery, but by the fate of God they went ahead and removed the previous scar tissue. I did have additional abdominal discomfort and my white count went up to 25,000. I had to stay an additional day to receive IV antibiotics to get my white count below 16,000. I came home late yesterday afternoon and am doing well. I am keeping with my pain med and the sub-lingual tablets for nausea. I made dinner for the family and have done a load of laundry today and walked 2 blocks. That really tired me out, but I want to get back to a normal way of life.

Only have had about 18oz of liquids since I have been off the IV fluid, but I am trying to keep hydrated.

Since I have been heavy since I was 12, I cannot even imagine a skinny me, but I know she is in there just wanting to come out.

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  1. Mbenson5's Avatar
    You did laundry? Are you supposed to be doing that? Be careful!
  2. dxgolsen's Avatar
    Go slow! Heal. Make the family just turn their underwear inside out and re-wear. ;-) Glad you are feeling good.

    Just try to remember that when the pain meds make us feel better we can easily do too much.

    Happy healing! I just bought size 14 jeans. It's great.
  3. Donna Rudewick's Avatar
    So glad your doing well!! But like everyone says, Take it easy. Dont do to much all at once. I know someone will probably be telling me the same thing once I have surgery. lol
  4. Betterhealth's Avatar
    Thanks everyone, believe me it is not all rainbow and butterfly sprinkles. I feel very depressed and I am not a depressed person. I hate that I am not at this time able to enjoy meals with family. A glass of wine with my mate and just not leading the life I used to live. I know this is temporary but with permanent changes.

    2 questions.

    When did you have your first bowl movement?

    When did you have a glass of wine?
  5. Intheairgirl's Avatar
    You made dinner for your family and did laundry?? Time for them to learn to cook and do laundry. Or your husband or family can help? If you are going to succeed you need to take care of yourself and put yourself first right now. You can't be a good caretaker of your children if you don't take care of yourself first!!
  6. Glassgirl's Avatar
    Better health..I did laundry too but I am alone. Wiped me out.
    Hang in there. I am curious about 1st BM too.
  7. PEACHESNJ50's Avatar
    after reading your story I am concerned as I have had my gallbladdder removed in 1993 and I have had a complete hysterectomy and 2 c sections . I am paying out of pocket and wonder what if they cant do the surgery if i have scar tissue which i am sure I do. then what would happen to all that money? Do you know?
  8. Beautiful's Avatar
    Peachesnj50 there was a woman in our group that they could not do the gastric sleeve because of scar tissue from a lap band . Doctor Almanza cleaned up most of the scar tissue and GAVE HER BACK ALL OF HER MONEY. She was my room mate in the hospital and I was impressed when he came in the room to tell her the news of cause she was disappointed that she was not sleeved but very great full that it only cost airfare .