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Hoping It'll Stop Soon......

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Well this has been a journey. 5 more pounds and I will have lost half my body since October 2014. WOW!!! However I did want to stop at about 165 but I guess my body will stop when it is ready. I eat what I want when I want. I do not keep track of calories or anything for that matter. I focus on my protein first and foremost. I know I am doing everything right but just cannot eat anymore than I do.

I have no regrets doing the surgery. Have very little excess skin. I've been trying to not do much shopping for clothes until I hit where I am going to be because the new clothes that I have bought are already to loose on me.

I cut my hair so that the new growth could catch up and it feels amazing and has finally stopped falling out.

I did get influenza A at the beginning of March which then turned into pneumonia so I was down for about 3 weeks. (I have a weakened immune system due to breast cancer in 2007) So I did lose about 10 pounds while I was sick but I have definitely gotten my appetite back with a vengeance. Hoping it will help and stop the weight loss.

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  1. cathbas's Avatar
    amazing!! congrats!