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I am 180 and have stayed this way for about 5 months. I feel and look good. Lose skin isn't too bad. I feel comfortable at a size 12. I do have more energy. I have to keep up on my multivitamins and b-12 or else I get tired. It is always a journey and "struggle" to keep up on the appropriate amount of protein. Stress due to death in the family has me wanting to just drink DD iced coffee and auntie m's pretzel bites... hmm. snack binging will always be something I have to fight.

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  1. Sandra3's Avatar
    Size 12! you are doing wonderful, congrats!!

    If you snack on almonds or cheese you will feel less hungry. I also found pretzel with protein, just ordered it, didn't try it yet..

    But I do understand, when I'm stressed or have to face death in the family, I eat chocolate. So I don't buy any. We all have our triggers!!