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To the January 15 ,2016 sleeves

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To all the people that were in the waiting room with me on January 15 2016 . When dr Almanza asked if anybody had a question and I asked that if I had a hiatal hernia would he repair it that I would pay the extra and he looked at me crazy and asked if I had a problem with a hiatal hernia and I told him I didn't but if he saw that I have one to repair it. So guess what , for the first 12 days I felt awesome and on the 12 day I went to dr to have my stitches taken out and since then I have severe heartburn that I can't put any thing in my mouth so it's been 20 days that I haven't eaten anything and maybe I got down 8 oz of water in 20 days today I had a EGD and I'm told that I got a severe hiatal hernia so I'm on new meds that are suppose to reduce the swelling in my thoat and reduce the acid in my stomache ,I guess the best part was the iv that I needed so urgent. Hopefully I'll be feeling better in a few days and surgery in about 6 weeks. I wish I would have had all this check out before I went to Mexico and a bit mad at dr Almanza for not fixing the problem. So for venting.

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  1. Beautiful's Avatar
    Sorry for venting
  2. thenewmetoday's Avatar
  3. Beautiful's Avatar
    Thanks it's been ruff .
  4. densol's Avatar
    Oh no poor you ! I didnt even know about HH but after my surgeon told me he had repaired mine during surgery ( no extra cost ) I would be mad too if like you I'd asked and said I would pay more but still not done
  5. Beautiful's Avatar
    Thanks Densol .im trying to drink but can't manage to put anything to my lips without feeling the burn ,hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.of cause one day at a time I'm aiming to get in at lease 3 or 4 oz of water today.
  6. Barbp's Avatar
    Are you taking Prilosec? My dr had me take it for a month after my surgery and I took it for a couple of weeks when I was a few months out. It was very helpful. I hope and pray you feel better soon.
  7. Beautiful's Avatar
    I'm taking sucralfate 1 GM. And pantoprazole sod DR 40 MG tab.
  8. DBarringer58's Avatar
    I am so sorry. Did you pay him extra. If so I would be calling his a## for my refund. Can they repair it here? That is just not right. You even asked him. And said you would pay extra. I am so glad I did mine here. My Dr. Did the sleeve and the HH. I am almost 3 wks out and so far so good. Bless you and I hope you feel better soon!
  9. Sandra3's Avatar
    I'm sorry about your bad experience and all those days in pain!! it is really strange that your surgeon didn't repair your hernia during surgery!!! I thought that they did all pre op exams before the sleeve in Mexico too, I guess I was wrong...I hope you will feel better very soon.

    You should get back to the surgeon and complain about what happen, it doesn't make any sens, he should have seen your hernia at least during surgery if not during pre-op!!
  10. Beautiful's Avatar
    Thanks Barbp , Sandra3, DBarringer58,thenewmetoday.
  11. tdarnold's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Beautiful
    I'm taking sucralfate 1 GM. And pantoprazole sod DR 40 MG tab.
    That is same meds my doctor put me on was on before surgery on 12/8/15 but changed sacral fate to liquid working great now.... good luck.
  12. Robbie1971's Avatar
    PRILOSEC..My PCP put me on it, the results were instant. never had any heartburn or any of gerd symptoms since
  13. Beautiful's Avatar
    Robbie1971 I take the Prilosec in the late afternoon 40mg nexium 40mg late morning and 3 x a day I take sucralfate 1gm and once a day in the morning I also take pantoprazole sod dr 40 mg tab and some were during the day pepto . And nothing is working ,so I'm following my dr recommendation and hope that sooner than later that something will work.