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Life saving procedure

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I am 6 weeks post op
Weight is coming off slow
Unable to eat much.
When I eat more than a few tablespoons
I want to vomit.
I can't tolerate certain foods.___ meat etc.

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  1. crlangel56's Avatar
    Hello Marcey. Don't get discouraged. You had surgery same day same place. I have hit two different stalls but keep on with my plan. Exercising daily. I am currently down 42 pounds but have more to lose than you. Stay focused it will happen.
  2. cathbas's Avatar
    6 weeks..you are still a newbie in this process..it takes time..
    when your stomach heals things get a lot better..relax..embrace the journey..
    it is worth it..
    i am a slow looser too..but have already lost 80 lbs..that is incredibly great!! so i am good with that..some that are as far along as i have have lost more..some have lost less..it is individual..but i just embraced the journey..and to this day..i loose 3 lbs a month..i love it..
  3. Sandra3's Avatar
    Your surgery was only a little more than one month ago, may be your new stomach need more time to adapt than others....can you drink? may be going back to soups would help?? If I was you I would go see a nutritionist to get some help/ideas. And don't forget to take your vitamins and drink!! take care!
  4. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    6 weeks out. It's going to get better. It really is!!
    We all have different Dr. orders to follow. Mine was 1st 3 weeks liquid. 4th week pureed. Then week 5,6,7 soft consistently. I was told no steak for 6 months. Your tummy is still swollen from surgery. As that swelling goes down you will be able to handle more. Just eat light and soft. If you have some chicken make sure it isn't dry and literally chew that piece until it's mush. Try standing while eating. I swear I can eat more standing
    Make sure you are drinking. If you get dehydrated your going to feel sick. Headache, vomiting.....it's amazing what water can do. 13mo out if I don't get in at least 40oz I will wake up the next day with such a bad headache and feeling crappy.
    You can do this. Buy some light yogurt, sugar free pudding and jello. Soup and popcicles. My first few months I feel like all I ate was yogurt, popcicles and scrambled eggs with cheese.
    One day at a time