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Super Excited for the Hubby... It's His turn Now

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What an incredible journey the sleeve has been, 10 months and 70 pounds down, and I feel fabulous. Every health issue gone and my body chemistry is in perfect balance. It is now my husband's turn. He deploys with the army for missile defense as a contractor, and the heavy weight has now hindered him from being deployable, blood sugar to high. We leave for Tijuana on Thursday morning and his surgery is with Dr. Verboonen, who was my doctor. So thankful for this event, I have never known a fit and trim version of my husband, I cant wait to meet him! PLease keep us in your prayers, I full confidance in Dr V. but this is a major surgery and I am slightly nervous for him. I've got us on prayer lists and Jesus knows all, so we are really in His hands but prayer matters! Super excited to be walking this journey together, my husband is an angel obese or fit but I CANT wait to meet the fit and trim version. He is going to feel so good, move better, work better, passion better, everything.... It is so much better when you have minus 70 pounds of fat off your body.

Thursday cant get here fast enough!

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  1. kenson's Avatar
    Sending prayers to you and your hubby!
  2. Ann2's Avatar
    Very best to you both, Jennifer. What an exciting time for you all.
  3. NurseNiki's Avatar
    Praying for you guys and his speedy recovery!
  4. zoey101's Avatar
    How exciting for you both to get a new lease on life, your marriage and a whole new beginning. Thank you to your Husband for his service to our Country it is a wonderful thing he does. Good luck with everything and keep us posted!
  5. December 7's Avatar
    Sending Prayers for the both of you and also for your doctor and staff that will be helping with the surgery. May God watch over everyone.
  6. jennifermeske's Avatar
    He did better than I did, except the end where they pull the tube out. He said it hurt like a mother but I don't remember that hurting at all! Since he got back from Guam and had the surgery, he has lost 30 pounds. He feels so good and we all know that is just the start. A+ experience again with Dr. Verboonen and Obesity Free Clinic. So thankful for them all.