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Two Years Out!

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Tomorrow marks my second anniversary since I had my gastric sleeve surgery. I am in shock that this time has arrived already. My life has changed exponentially since my surgery. A little background. Like many, I had struggled with my weight my entire life. I had tried many diets, worked out and was a faithful Weight Watchers member for 10+ years. I lost 50 pounds with WW twice. At some point, WW stopped working for me. I continued going to meetings because it was such a big part of my life, and eating at the lowest points possible, but it was no longer working. I played with the same pounds over and over and my weight was beginning to creep up more and more. I then discovered that I had hypothyroidism and eventually had my thyroid removed. Over the years, it seemed like I was putting on at least 10 pounds a year until I found myself at my highest weight of 240. I was beginning to become a recluse. I turned down social engagements all the time. I didnít want to be around my friends. I didnít go shopping unless I absolutely had too. In one year I turned down two trips to Europe, because of my weight.

Through a series of events, two people that I know revealed to me that they had gastric sleeve surgery. I immediately Googled the doctorís name, went to a seminar, met him and the rest is history! Advice that I can give to anyone, if gastric sleeve surgery is something that you want to do, do your research, make a decision that is the best decision for you. Once you make your decision either to have it, or not to have it, make sure that it is YOUR DECISION and not the decision of someone talking in your ear. In my case, once I decided to have the surgery, I told no one not my family, not my husband, I told no one until a week before my surgery. My cousin, who is one of the people who had the surgery, came with me the day of my surgery from CT, and stayed with me for two days. I know two people now who have scheduled surgery, only to cancel it and now a year later, both are going through the process again to have the surgery done.

This surgery has given me back my life. I love being with my friends and family again. I love that even though I hate shopping, now I love the fact that everything fits all the time. I am planning a trip to Abu Dhabi next fall. I have a lot to look forward to and I wish that for everyone who is struggling with this decision. My last piece of advice. When I had my surgery, I told myself that whatever my doctor and his team told me to do, I would do it. I was obedient to the letter. I admire and respect my surgeon so much. I loved my nutritionist. The sleeve is not the panacea if you have food addiction issues, etc. It is a TOOL. It will help you lose the weight, but you still have to do the work. It is so worth it!

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  1. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    Congrats to you!! Sounds like your so happy! I know the sleeve is just a tool and we still have to work on our habits and thoughts but so many people have turned their lives from dark depressed stages to the brightest moments.
    Congrats! I hope when I hit my 2 yr mark I will be successful in maintaining
  2. manzerick's Avatar
    congrats!!! I love this more than you know. The hope.. the positivity!! Gives me the chills!!

    You are making your life right. One love!!!
  3. Ann2's Avatar
    Such a wonderful story, Kenson. I've enjoyed getting to know you here. It's great to hear how your life has improved. I can so relate to that "hiding out" thing so many of us did prior to WLS. No longer! Never again!
  4. kenson's Avatar
    Thank you ladies! I really appreciate the support!
  5. thenewmetoday's Avatar
  6. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    kenson, your story is amazing, as are you! You have been an inspiration to many, including myself and I wish you many more years of health, happiness, and happy memories. Thanks for being here, and I know you love shopping now
  7. Merry Mary's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Your positive attitude has surely helped you along this journey.
  8. Sandra3's Avatar
    Thank you Kanson for sharing your journey with us, this is such a great inspiration! and congrats for all your achievements!!
  9. cathbas's Avatar
    i wish we had a "like button" on this site..i think you would get loads of likes on that post..congrats!!
  10. butterfly53's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story.
  11. bigiphish41's Avatar
  12. Blutopaz's Avatar
    Congratulations on your continued success! You were one of the cases that inspired me through my surgery! Your positive can do attitude is important and motivational. I continue to exercise and monitor my intake as my sweet tooth and feelings of hunger have returned. So I see that this is definitely an ongoing lifestyle that requires attention not obsession but definitely attention! Onward and upward!