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First day of liquid diet

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Hello new friends!

So here it is, the first day of eating almost nothing to prepare for surgery and shrink the liver.

I already like the plain Sunwarrior flavor but it's a little grainy so I tried two new protein powders this morning, and it's a real disaster with the first one. It's called Naturade total soy, there is so much salt in there it actually cover the chocolate taste, and it's sooo sweet!!after one sip I couldn't drink it.

So I tried the Isopure unflavored and that was so much better! I made the shake with almond mild and two tablespoons of bitter cocoa, and a few ice cubes. I can still feel too much salt to my taste (from Isopure) but the strong cocoa covers it pretty well.

My husband wants to do a few days of protein with me for dinner (so nice of him to show his support!) so tonight I will mix Isopure with organic chicken broth, and have some veggies.

It's almost snack time for the kids right now, I don't want to eat and don't feel the need which is great! I will be drinking some herbal tea to hydrate and try to avoid hunger until dinner.

take care!

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  1. Ali72's Avatar
    I am so glad my Dr. doesn't do the pre-op liquid diet. Good Luck to you!!
  2. tdarnold's Avatar
    I used premier protein from Walmart 30 gms protein taste really good before surgery but after I can't hardly drink them have to force myself.
  3. beachgirl22851's Avatar
    I also used premier protein pre-made shakes. After surgery, I purchased several flavors of GNC Go Lean 25 powder and mixed my own as my taste buds decided they no longer liked the premier protein. I will be 1 year out on the 27th of this month and I still add protein powder to a lot of my food just to help get all my protein in for the day.
  4. moonchild's Avatar
    Are you on liquids only? Plain Isopure powder is good and Quest and Unjury also have unflavored powder that may be less salty. Are you required to do clear protein closer to surgery? If so, I definitely do NOT recommend the pre made flavored Isopure drinks. Everyone is different but most of us find them completely unpalatable. Have you heard of PB2? It's a powder made from peanuts with the fat taken out. It's not super peanutty and has a some protein. You could add that to your cocoa shakes and it may help hide the saltiness.
  5. Sandra3's Avatar
    Thank you all for the great advices, I will look into those brands if I can get it delivered here. I currently follow a full liquid with one meal per day allowed (fish or chicken, veggies, no carbs).

    So far I have tried many brands (only powder because liquid would not be allowed through customs) Isopure is good because not grainy but I dont like the excess salt (to my palate).

    I know PB2, used it when I was in the US, I actually ordered one jar last week, it's supposed to be delivered today (jinks Moonchild ! ;-)

    Yesterday I used only Isopure and this morning I did gain I kilo, I think that's water retention because I was around 800 cal for the day. Or may be I didn't drink enough.

    I will switch for Sunwarrior today and see if that makes a difference! If not I will have to send a message to the nut, but since I don't want to get their chemical Japonese slimfast version sold at the clinic, I'm not sure she will be able to help because here they barely sell anything for bariatric patients, I have to order everything.
  6. Beautiful's Avatar
    I'm loving the iso 100 hydrolyzed 100% whey protein isolate cookies & cream powder