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3 year Post Op Pouch Reset

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I haven't been on here in a long time. I am so mad at myself. I have gained back almost all my weight. I can truly say life happened. I work full time(always have), I'm a mom, wife, and a college student (started Sept 2013). So when I started college due to the work load I was unable to go work out like I was daily for an hour. Then my husband was xomplaing about my changed cooking habits. Plus the stress of life, then work issues etc. Food has always been my drug of choice. I have slowly been gaining my weight back since April 2014. At first it was 10-20 lbs and now I am back at my pre op weight. I hate the way I look but, I do love myself. I have been searching for ways to get my pouch back and I think I have found it. I found this link so, I will be active again making post on my progress. I am going to have to reset my weight thing. I am going to post the link in this post so that just in case you are like me, we can do this together. If you are reading this and you are considering surgery please don't let me stop you. I fell off the wagon. Weight loss surgery is not a permanent fix, its a tool.

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  1. goestogym's Avatar
    Hey Lady A,

    You might want to visit your surgeon again. See if they can suggest anything.
  2. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    Hello, good for you to stop and try to get back to a healthier lifestyle. I wish you the best of luck
  3. cathbas's Avatar
    thank you for your note..thanks for coming back here..wishing you the best..
  4. MrsSize4's Avatar
    Wish you the best. Let us know the progress