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12 months ago....

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Hi All

It has been 12 months since I had the surgery so here's my reflection on that time.

I was ready for the surgery, mentally at least. One of the lucky ones with minimal problems. Just the usual issues of learning what and how much food my body can cope with.

Life is different, I'm aware of what and how much I can eat so my eating out experiences have changed. I now order more of what I feel like and don't worry about how much of it I eat. Even if dessert is just one spoonful and I'm done.

I haven't hit any goals yet but I'm happy and greatful for the weight I've lost. I feel much more confident in my clothes (and my skin - even though I don't fill it out like I use to). Life is so much easier without the extra weight weighing you down. I went hiking last month - my 'heavy' pack is still half of what I used to carry round on a daily basis and my knees are joyful. The thought of exercise it no longer an invite to Hell but time out for me, especially if it is in the great outdoors.

You will note I have NOT listed my stats, the numbers are heading in the right direction and that's all that matters. I have been asked by my local clinic if I want to book an appointment with my surgeon. I keep telling them 'no thanks' he has done his job (and I'm no longer want to be labelled as a patient).

I still have challenges, I work too many hours and don't prioritise my needs eg not taking breaks to drink enough and finding time to exercise but those are habits of a lifetime that will always need to be worked on.

Thanks to all of you that answered the common questions that have been asked a 100 times and those that have continually left encouraging messages.

All the best to those about to have surgery - yes it will be life changing, and Merry Christmas to the others who share the sleeve journey.

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  1. LaffeyTaffey's Avatar
    Congratulations on being a year post op!!! I'm about 2 and a half months post op and looking forward to what life will be like next fall! Unfortunately, I do not see you stats, but I bet you're doing great
  2. pattersonviv's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LaffeyTaffey
    Congratulations on being a year post op!!! I'm about 2 and a half months post op and looking forward to what life will be like next fall! Unfortunately, I do not see you stats, but I bet you're doing great
    Thanks for your comment. Good luck on your journey it's all down hill from 2 months out as your tummy should be healed by now. I ment to say I was not posting my stats, I've edited my post.
  3. Ann2's Avatar
    Viv ... you sound so good. Congratulations on living your life on your terms -- not obesity's.

    That "self care" challenge that we share was / is the monkey on my back that I have to keep disciplining. That little bastard sometimes thinks he is in charge of me, not the other way around. For me, finding much better work / health balance was critical. I dealt with it in small ways, e.g., clicking on www.myfitnesspal.com BEFORE opening my work email every morning -- and in so many other ways. I finally figured out that "lifestyle" means scheduled, consistent, predictable activities -- not things I do when and if others' needs don't demand my attention. I finally realized that caring for my pets better than I was caring for myself was not OK.

    Sorry, didn't mean to preach a sermon. Just wanted to say that your "habits of a lifetime" rung a bell with me.
  4. Concav's Avatar
    My surgery is set for December 22, 2015 - about 10 days away! I am excited and nervous, which I am reading is very normal! It is so nice to read that you have not had any major complications. Congratulations on your success!

    Ann2, I have been "running into you" all over this website this weekend! I like your suggestion to open MyFitnessPal on the computer. I try to use the app on my phone, but I am not very successful with using the app. I will take your advice and open it on my computer at work Monday morning! Thanks for the tip!