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Just weighed myself and I've hit my goal of 135

Feb 2nd 2015 I weighed 205 pounds to give you an idea of where I was. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

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  1. thenewmetoday's Avatar
  2. jennifermeske's Avatar
    That is great, I had mine done March 19 and have hit my 70 pound weight loss also, but this last week put me up again 3-4 pounds (no exercise, low protein, lots of wine and xmas cookies and bread are the culprit I think). I am not at goal, mine is 160 and it is really taking awhile to get there, but get there I will. Isnt it something to be so thin now? What do you think helped you get to goal so quickly?
  3. jennifermeske's Avatar
    My goal is 15 pounds away
  4. RobyneYvette's Avatar
  5. jdavidson's Avatar
    Yeah you have done great. I dont feel like I am ever going to reach my goal now. Six months out and I have been stuck for what feels like forever again.
  6. VSGSetyoufree's Avatar

    I hope to join you in a few weeks. Congrats.
  7. Ibleedblue's Avatar
    jennifermeske, the smaller portion sizes made a huge difference but when I slowed way down the thing that helped the most was weight training. I had always just done cardio and never felt like it got me anywhere but a combination of myfitnesspal/fitbit HR/and strength training three days a week really helped me. And yes, I love being skinny - though I still do not think of myself as skinny but I feel great.