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Been over a year now

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I'm down 109 lbs since surgery on Oct 15, 2014 and have adjusted to my eating schedule on the most part. Know exactly when to stop eating and eat about 6 times a day. Recently had about a 2 month "stall" so thought I may have found my comfortable weight which I was happy with around the 165 lb weight. (I had set my goal at 150 when I started but due to my age, etc now that I hit 165 I felt that was more than enough) However now the stall is over and the weight is coming off again . Will continue to try and add calories to stop it. All has been great until July when I developed Neuropathy which I am certain has nothing to do with this surgery but from past Chemotherapy. This has been a far worse task than adjusting to my new baby tummy. I was more active and doing better prior to July and hoping to get the med regimen that will help with the pain. You'd think your nerves would be happy to not have to be carrying around another person all the time LOL

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  1. Davis165's Avatar
    Congratulations on the weight loss!! I do hope that your doctor's will be able to get all of your other concerns in check!