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To do or not to do....????

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I am scheduled for sleeve Thursday and need to make a decision on the gallbladder. Any feedback would be great. I have read posts here on people who suffered from gallstones after. Which is something I absolutely do not want. We do not have insurance, so having to go to a local hospital for anything is not welcomed. Plus, I really do not want to have another surgery. Those are my thoughts and I am leaning towards having it removed with the sleeve.

Your thoughts??? THANKS IN ADVANCE

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  1. cathbas's Avatar
    i never knew you were given an option..it is common as you know to have problems with the gallbladder after something like this..i do know that Ann2 had her gallbladder out after her surgery. and others on this site..
    if your doc is good with it..it isnt a bad idea if you dont have insurance..
    mine is out..so this was not something i had to worry about..good luck with your decision
  2. Little Verbena's Avatar
    I had heard that often people have problems after surgery however, my doctor said that if you had gall badder issues prior to the surgery then you should have it out at the same time. But if you have never had any issues then it may be ok to leave it in. Of course, that is just playing the odds, you never know what is going to happen. But if it were me, I wouldn't have anything removed that didn't absolutely have to be removed.
  3. LadyLitteRock's Avatar
    I have to agree with Little. I have heard of both sides, some get it removed and others do not. Some people develop issues with the gallbladder after and some do not. I had my surgery done and it was an option for me from my surgeon, but chose not to do it. For me, it was based on not having any issues with it prior, the recovery might take longer and/or issues or complications may arise from getting it removed. Ifs its not broken, then don't fix it.
  4. linzispeedo's Avatar
    I didn't have mine out, but Dr. put me on a prescription, Actigall, that I take 2x a day for at least the next six months. I believe it's supposed to help make sure the gallbladder doesn't act up and possibly prevent gallstones.
  5. wannabeslim2014's Avatar
    I was not given the option to have mine removed and unfortunately now have gall stones. I'm just shy of losing 10 stone so the dramatic weight loss does bring them on but not everyone gets them so the decision is up to you if they are offering to remove it at this stage xx
  6. october152015's Avatar
    Thank you all. Had it removed with the sleeve.
  7. Marie58's Avatar
    I had gallbladder removed at early age of 21 due to disease. I am now 57. If you can get it removed at the same time as surgery and prevent gallstones/gallbladder attack believe me do it. I haven't missed mine!!!