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Time to Accept Changes

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As I write today it is about acceptance. I have to accept the fact that my mind and body are not the same as they were about 75 days ago. I am down 75 lbs from my highest weight and 50 lbs since surgery weight. That to me still has not completely registered until today.

Today was a day of acceptance. I accept the fact that I know what to eat and how to eat. I accept that I still crave sweets, pizza, and booze because they were part of my pre-surgery life. I also accept that I yield all the power to eat or drink like crap.

I also accept the fact that my loved ones may not understand the things I am going through. I accept that they may be unsure because they see the changes in me and they do not know how to adjust. Hopefully they can realize and accept that I haven't changed that much except my outlook on life and the fact I don't want to waste a minute not enjoying life. I also accept the fact that what they accept is out of my control.

I also have to come to accept that my clothing must now change. I am no longer in the Big & Tall section. It is ok for my clothes to be tighter and not so loose to "hide the fat". It is also awesome to go from size 42 jeans to size 36 in 74 days.

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  1. Davis165's Avatar
    This is like the Serenity Prayer, but just for sleevers! Congratulations on such an amazing life change. I can't wait to be among the forever changed!
  2. MClark's Avatar
    Good for you getting the new clothes that fit. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment.
  3. suzn358's Avatar
    Congratulations on getting it! I'm 16 months out from surgery and those old cravings have appeared and it's a constant battle.
  4. bangieb's Avatar
    So true suzn358. Congrats Brandonf150...I feel the same way.
  5. Brandonf150's Avatar
    Thanks guys. Been struggling lately with the personal life.
  6. Ann2's Avatar

    This is exactly why I never worried about "losing weight more slowly" (even though I reached my goal in 8.5 months post-op). There is typically so much more going on than just losing weight to notice, meditate on, adjust to, readjust to, etc.

    Really glad you're "getting your money's worth," so to speak.
  7. Brandonf150's Avatar
    Thanks Ann...At times right now I kinda feel like the lottery winner who everybody says has changed. When in reality the only thing that has changed is little more money in their pocket and more empty hands out in front of them.

    I know my energy level,has changed which has lead me to be able to do things I couldn't do before. But I want to do those things with my wife and kids. The kids are great with it but the wife is a different story and that is messing with my head big time.

    Losing weight is the easiest part about this journey to me right now.