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The exercise challenge

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Hi all
We are coming into spring over here. Lots of daffodils and lambs in the fields, my favourite time of year. I've been really struggling with getting into exercise as my working days are full and creating the time has not been a priority.
As part of our program we get personal trainer, dietician etc. I've been using the personal training visits but need to ensure I have linked into all services. Anyway after talking to the PT I decided to set goals not have an exercise sheet that I'm not committed to. It is working for me really well. My first goal was to talk up a hilly track that took 2 hours, next goal 10km walk. Managed that last weekend. It was in Kaikoura and a local school fund raiser. Gave my wife and I made it a weekend away, we decided to stay in a yurt so it was a weekend of glamping. Next challenge is a team bike ride but we have booked to do a 3 day hike in Stewart Island on 10.27 so will need to continue to train for that. Goal setting works well for me and gets me moving, if the gym is not for you try this approach.
On the food front I realised I was slipping into bad habits of not preparing food but just living of protein bars and buying lunches. I've done a major cook to stock up on lunches and have brought some sensible snacks so feel on top of things again. I'm just over half way in the weight loss and have been stalled for a bit. Good luck on your journeys.

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  1. Ann2's Avatar
    Good luck to you too, Viv. I'm envious of your Stewart Island trip. A few years ago hubby and I stopped there on a cruise. Lovely!