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I am getting ready to have my sleeve done and very excited about it. I am a coffee addict and wonder how I can deal with it, Seriously now, is it really necessary to give up coffee?

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  1. JSMencer's Avatar
    no coffee is perfectly fine post sleeve
  2. Ann2's Avatar
    Yeah, no. It's not that cut and dried an issue.

    Some coffee is OK for some people, but not for others. And too much coffee causes some unfortunate patients to develop ulcers.

    If you're a coffee addict, you are probably drinking a whole lot of coffee right now (how much?). IMHO, your poor little old tummy post-op would appreciate it if you would eliminate coffee for at least a few weeks or a month post-op and then ease back in with a lot less coffee than you're probably drinking now.

    Coffee stimulates the appetite for many people (not something we're aiming for, post-op), and it is a diuretic, which (depending on how much of it you're drinking) makes your kidneys work harder and can also dehydrate you. Again, we're not going for any of that post-op. Our poor kidneys are already working overtime eliminating a lot of waste products from our weight loss. And dehydration is nothing we want to mess around with.

    FYI -- I used to drink a couple of cups of coffee in the mornings. But post-op, I now drink only half a cup of coffee combined with a half cup of heated skim milk -- so I get my morning skinny latte.

    In other words, this is one of the many questions for sleeved patients for which there's not a simple yes or no answer. It depends on your tummy, your body and you.

    Good luck to you.
  3. michael95472's Avatar
    I tried decaf a week or two after surgery. Yuk! Went back to regular coffee. Couldn't handle flavored creamer anymore, too sweet. I drink one cup of coffee each morning with half and half and one scoop of unflavored unjury protein powder. I have had no problems so far.
  4. thenewmetoday's Avatar
  5. mellowjoy's Avatar
    I had coffee in the hospital right after surgery. The Doctor told me if coffee was the worst habit I had after surgery then I should have coffee. I did cut back to 10 ounces per day with skim milk. Somedays I have a second cup at night but I was drinking about 32 ounces before surgery. The best resource is to ask your doctor.
  6. Maxine7290's Avatar
    Thanks so much for your helpful comments!
  7. cathbas's Avatar
    i love /loved coffee and i gave it up for a few months...i am now 6 months post op and i can drink it again..not as much..but i dont want as much..so it is not a problem..
    i can go to starbucks..but i drink talls..no more grandes or ventes..
    but i dont want them..really..
    now they are a treat...
    you can do it..if i can..you can..i was quite the addict
  8. Brandonf150's Avatar
    It's all about the hydration for me. Decaf counts towards my hydrating fluids. Caffeine does not. My NUT wants no more than 24oz of caffeine beverages per day be cause the caffeine can dehydrate.

    Drink a cup or 2 after 2-4 weeks you'll be ok and it probably won't be that big an issue in the end. I loved beer before sleeve. Don't even think about it now.
  9. LadyLitteRock's Avatar
    just going to throw In my 2 cents but based on my research, I thought it also mentions that coffee or really the caffeine in coffee, stretches the stomach, idk tho
    Good Luck
  10. sraebaer's Avatar
    My doctor said one a day. I had one a day!

    Liquid will not stretch your stomach!! I don't know where that rumor got started, but it is false.
  11. cathbas's Avatar
    i never heard it stretched your stomach..but i did hear that in the begining you have to be careful because of the stitches..dont know if that is true..however, i really didnt begin drinking much till i felt much better..and now it is just a cup a day..maybe 2 on big days..but not often.
    i do think it helps with the other problem we gastric sleeve people have...CONSTIPATION..between, coffee, metamucil, and a probiotic..i am fine thankfully!
  12. mtngrl's Avatar
    My surgeon told me that as soon as I could drink 64 ounces of water, I could have caffeine. Until then, it had to be decaf coffee.
  13. SoNotABarbie's Avatar
    I drink coffee every day
  14. Tee35's Avatar
    As some others have said, it's an individual thing. Doctors tend to vary. Coffee is acidic so can increase the acid in our stomachs. I have acid reflux so have to be very careful with certain foods. I drink decaf on occasion, but try to limit even that. I may enjoy a tall decaf soy latte from Starbucks once a week, that way I get protein and can enjoy decaf coffee at the same time. But, even decaf has acid, so it's just a matter of me not over doing it. Good luck!
  15. MBL's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LadyLitteRock
    just going to throw In my 2 cents but based on my research, I thought it also mentions that coffee or really the caffeine in coffee, stretches the stomach, idk tho
    Good Luck
    Where did you read that? I have never heard of it after exhaustive research, my doctor never mentioned it, and I have been a regular coffee drinker throughout. My restriction is as strong as ever 1.5 years post.
  16. MBL's Avatar
    Lots of good information and pro/con for coffee consumption post VSG. I do not have an acid problem and drink it regularly (3-4 8 oz cups a day). http://www.laparoscopic.md/questions...iatric-surgery
  17. Barbs Journey's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JSMencer
    no coffee is perfectly fine post sleeve
    I drink one cup a day and I'm fine
  18. sraebaer's Avatar
    I didn't have to. I had one cup a day from my first day home from the hospital. I guess it can dehydrate you, so be sure to drink liquids throughout the day.
  19. Anon7's Avatar
    I went to half caff a few days before the surgery, then switched to decaf after (didn't have any coffee the first few days post-op). I'll do decaf for a little bit longer, then go back to regular. I haven't had any issues, but I'm only drinking one cup a day right now.
  20. KariVSG's Avatar
    My doctor said coffee is the same as soda. Stop it as soon as possible
  21. mrtumnus's Avatar
    I am doing great with coffee and well...I like ICED coffee not that it makes much of a difference I guess. It helps with the ..err....elimination process in my case. Soda=I detest it. not interested in it at all.