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Mercy Nurse

Meralgia Paresthetica and One Week Update

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Happy to report myself in that I (big baby) survived one week post-op! Imagine that.... I mean, I did imagine there times I would not. Seriously.

Good news first? Ok. Since my 3 day liquid diet pre-op and one week liquid diet post-op, I have lost a whooping 20 pounds. 10 days folks. That's some serious huslin'.... errrrr, I mean sufferin'.

Day 5, I started to feel more normal, moving a little easier, I'd say I was at 75%.

Day 6, was even better, even walked around Walmart for a few groceries, and by that I mean hold a cart and walk while my daughter ran the aisles and loaded the cart. We only got about 20 items. I was at 85%.

Day 7, someone must have said a fabulous prayer for me. It was like a light switch. I slept all night, and other than one pain pill upon awakening... I have had none all day. I am at 95%. By this I mean, I feel normal as far as the sleeve surgery is concerned. I can sleep on my side(s), I can get in and out of chairs without pain, I can bend to pick things up... normal pre-sleeve stuff. Liquid diet is not bad, I manage it well. I am stocked up and have no problems making selections or choices/variety. I cooked my family a breakfast for a king... home fries, egg of choice, sausages, toast... the nine yards and it never bothered me. They extra loved me for that. I sipped Trop-a-Rocka Snapple tea with genepro protein mixed in. I loved me for buying Trop-a Rocka.

One more good news and it comes in the form of a tip. (I love tips...give me yours!) I mentioned in another post how I felt comfort having a soft tight fitting t-shirt to "bind" me, if you will. Well, at Lane Bryant, in the Cacique brand, under garment section I found really nice extra high brief-type seem-less underwear, that offer additional support where my incisions are. Not only that, it will be great for transitioning down in size, as the extra support is much welcomed in that area anyways. That had black and nude in color. The band at the top is a little thicker and wider, and banded for support. They are comfortable, and do not roll. I recommend to all. If this was Oprah, I'd give all you readers a free pair. You get a pair... and you .... and youuuuu! They are on sale 3 for $33. Bought a size for now and 2 sizes for down the pike. ( If you neeeed these, and can't find them based on my description, let me know and I will do a google search for the specific kind and report back.)

Ok, there has got to be something bad. It is mean we are talking about, after all.

It goes by the name of Meralgia Paresthetica, and I am pretty sure I have it. I see my doctor this Tuesday, and pretty sure he is going to refer me to a Neurologist. This is a very unexpected side effect from surgery, and best to his knowledge, and mine, we feel it may have been the result from being buckled/strapped in during surgery for safety.

Meralgia Paresthetica - is me having bilateral (meaning both) thigh numbness and burning, only on the lateral (outside) parts of my thighs. It is nerve damage, and I did not have this problem prior to surgery. I have no back troubles, pains, numbness or aches. This is a femoral nerve (in the upper leg) that is pinched/damaged.

I have numbness in that area 24/7, it covers about 2 hand lengths down the outside of my thigh. I have random burning/fire sensations while sitting and walking. When I lay on my back, forget about it. Burning liquid fire, and fire ants pinching/stinging.... unbearable. I have to lay on my side to sleep, and then the pain is the same sensation as in sitting or standing with the numbness, and random pop of fire/burning. I also have to keep my legs together and log roll, if I position change them separately, the pain intensifies.

Doctor prescribed me Lyrica. It takes a few days to build strength. I am on day 2. I am hopeful it will resolve on it's own. If you or anyone you know has had this, please reach out to me. I'd love to know how long they had it, what worked, etc. And if I am some rare beast, I will mention somewhere in the comments to follow, for some poor soul doing a search one day.... what has worked for me. Because this not working is not going to be an option.

This bad news is a bummer... but I feel so awesome otherwise, that I am trying to ignore the nagging twinges. Reality is, I thought I was going to die post-op, and never to be normal again. I was at my lowest low. This pain is better than having nausea, better than cotton mouth (eyed JOe), migraine, and dry heaves so hard you piss your pants. I got this... and I may not be such a baby after all ??? ---- high fives, my readers....

Long winded again... going to jet! Don't forget... I like tips! (who doesn't ? if you know what I mean? $$$)- so leave me yours....Have a great night....

Until next time, hope you are all healthy- happy- thriving- weight- loss- losing sleevers! xo

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  1. Davis165's Avatar
    I have no tips for you, but how are you doing? Legs any better??
  2. Mercy Nurse's Avatar
    Legs are better. I still have numbness in the outer, lateral aspects, but burning did subside. Thank goodness, it just took some time. I am getting used tot he sensation/lack there of the numbness and overall, feel baseline. Thanks for asking. I have not been on in a while, and need to make an updated post. So much positive has happened.