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1st major Jeans Shopping

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So I went to my favorite store (Buckle) and was going to buy some shorts and jeans b/c nothing fits in my closet, literally hanging off - with a belt. THe girl comes to help asks my size, and I said, I really have no idea at all. I picked up a size 30 (because I previously couldn't hardly squeeze into a 33/1x/14/16) and she said, "girl no way, that's way too big! Try these" Handing me 28s! I laugh, knowing she is CRAZY, or just being nice, I've not been in a 28... I don't think ever, even at my skinniest.
I try them on, and my fat brain says, "They are tight, but fit enough maybe in a few weeks I'll fit in them", I come out, she pulls on them and says, "those are too big, you need a 27 or 26".... I bought the 28s anyway. I go home, and wear them a few hours, and she was right-- they are way too big! I look in the mirror and still 'see' the big legs, the wide hips, and I can't even fathom buying a 27, even though they are loose in the legs and waist. I went back today and exchanged them.
I've always heard of that body dysmorphic disorder where you ''see'' fat/ugly unjustifiably, but I've never experienced it. It's such a weird feeling.

I'd gone to buy shirts 2 weeks ago and in stores I couldn't even fit the XL, I was able to by XS! 6 sizes down in jeans, 5 sizes down in shirts in 3 months!

I am so thankful to feel normal again. And the liquid diet was hard, but after that, this has been simpler than I thought, and I'm so grateful to be detoxed from breads! I say "easy", but it was challenging to find things to eat that were high protein and yet, grain/bread free!! I had never really noticed how EVERYTHING at resturants/fastfood/nicer 'fast' food places has BREAD/PASTA/RICE as at least 1/2 of the meal! Now I can enjoy a sandwich, but I load it up with the veggies, ask for a bowl and pour it all out and just eat the insides, leaving the bread for my dog or the trash.

I am thankful to enjoy shopping, I've never ever ever liked it but envied those that could go and say "Oh I found lots of cute things!" I never could find cute things, I would try on tons and go home empty handed and hating the fashion industry for making everything cut for skinny chicks and stick teenagers.

Now, I can. And it feels so much younger.

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  1. Emilyrosebud's Avatar
    Congratulations! That sounds fantastic!! You should be so proud of yourself. I'm doing my 6 month pre-op diet and I'm back in my size 22/24 lane Bryant jeans--no elastic waist and I am so excited. I can wear some of my semi-cute old Lane Bryant stuff now. No more shopping at the old-lady, even bigger plus sizes, store.

    Enjoy your new clothes. You deserve it.
  2. Delo1028's Avatar
    Way to go Meagan!!
  3. rmendoza's Avatar
    Aww- this is so motivating. I'm looking forward to do the same. I had surgery last Thursday 9/3. And I'm excited to know that the outcome of this journey will be wonderful!

    Thank you for sharing your shopping experience!