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One year Sleeve Anniversary

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One year ago today at this time, I was in the recovery room with some complications. The first 24 hours after surgery was a little rough due to some bleeding (Not from the surgery but from the tube, My throat is damaged due to EOE) Once they got the bleeding under control then the road to recovery was easy.

As I look at the past year I am in amazement. The changes my body and health has gone thru is nothing short of AMAZING!

My health has improved, the surgery has slowed the progression of my EOE so much so that at this time a feeding tube in many years into the future not the months I was looking at before surgery. I no longer have high blood pressure and I feel wonderful.

As of today I have lost 82.5 LBS. I did not hit my goal of 175 but I am only 11.2 LBS away from it. My weight loss has slowed and I fluctuate between 1-3 LBS weekly. I do weigh myself daily as it keeps me on track.

My only regret is that I did not do this surgery sooner. I exercise daily and watch my calories. I do find myself snacking and that is a habit that I continue to work on. I hope to reach my goal, and I continue to work on it...

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  1. jason.owens's Avatar
    Congratulations on being so successful! You are an inspiration to those of us who were just recently sleeved. I am one week post and loving mine already. I don't even mind that I am still on just liquids.
  2. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    Congrats!! The EoE must be frightening at times
    Do you have to keep dairy, eggs, nuts etc out of your diet? That's gotta be tough but it sounds as though you are doing great!!! And your so close to your goal!!
  3. Tee35's Avatar
    Congratulations. I'm positive that you will reach your goal and I'm happy to hear that so much has improved in your life. Way to go!