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Hi I am new at posting but like others I have been watching and reading for some time now. I am 33 and a mother of 2. I never really had a problem with my weight throughout my childhood and im not one who struggled with my weight all my life witch is why going to MEXICO to be sleeved really threw my family for a loop.

Even though I haven't been heavy all my life I am now, I can barely run for 5 mins without feeling like my chest is going to give out, im 5ft 4in and im at 235lbs the heaviest I have ever been. I have no social life at the moment as I spend most of my time hiding from everyday life. My immediate family know of my upcoming sleeve but I have not told my co-workers and friends. My family is completely against me having the sleeve done and we don't talk about it much. 2 years ago I lost my daughter, she was 13 and from then on out the weight just stacked on. I ate to not be sad, I ate to get through the pain, I ate to get through the night soon food was more than comfort is was my go to for everything stress, depression, sadness, even laziness why eat healthy when you can stop by McDonalds and everyone's happy its sounds horrible but it has been my reality for the last 2-3 years

After realizing the diets was not going to work and my BMI was not high enough to have it covered by my insurance I did some homework and thought about it for some time and after several calls, emails and numerous other research efforts I decided that this is something I not only wanted but needed

Im having my surgery with Dr Almanza on 8/28/2015 I cant believe that's next week...OMG im freaking out, what if I mess up, what if I gain all lost weight back??? im so nervous but excited at the same time. My mom who is also completely against it is very nervous witch is making me really nervous. My son is 14 and my daughter is 11, they know about the surgery and as the date gets closer they ask more and more questions witch makes me even more nervous. I have a 5 day pre-op diet that starts on sunday that im simply terrified of but I have come this far so ill definitely give it my all

Reading the blogs has really given me an idea of what im looking forward to so I would like to think that im ready by the fear of the what ifs is what frightens me what if I do horrible with the pre-op what happens then, what if my body is not cooperative and I loose no weight, what if my urge to eat gets to me and I mess up???? I have so many reasons to get healthy and get my weight under control that I would like to think that I wouldn't mess this up for the world but at the same time food has been my world and eating is not a choice anymore its almost as if I must indulge to satisfy the inner happiness. just typing that shows me I really need a change.

So what I have done so far to prepare for my new journey???? well I have began walking daily, I have cut the soda and juices for about 2 weeks now, I have stop eating after 7pm witch is hard because I work 3rd shift 4-12:30am so snacking is just the norm but so far so good I drink lots of water but I love water so no biggie, still trying out protein shakes id rather find that one that I enjoy but it seems that may be a tad bit hard since from what I have read after the sleeve your taste buds completely change

Well that's about it guys. thanks for all the post and information you guys have no idea how helpful its been I LOVE THIS SITE and im hopeng to take each one of you along with me on my journey to a better me oh and now that I have blogged I may become a little worrisome please excuse me if I do im just really getting to the wire and want to know all there is to know so that I can succeed and flourish with my new tool if you have any advice please please please give it to me I could really use some help.

thanks guys

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  1. Ann2's Avatar
    royal32, welcome. I hope you find comfort here, as well as good counsel.

    And I hope you have access to some good counseling help given the loss you have suffered.

    I am very impressed by your decision to change your life for the better -- actually, for much better, as you will learn!

    Again, a hearty welcome!
  2. royal32's Avatar
    thanks Ann2
  3. cathbas's Avatar
    Welcome! I am so sorry about your loss! of course you gained weight thru the loss..but now you will have a tool..but the way to get thru not gaining it back..(cuz of course we went to food for comfort) is to get counseling..and keep working thru it all so that you can protect your weight loss and be healthy for the rest of your family..
    love and prayers are with you
  4. royal32's Avatar
    Thank you cathbas, im definitely in canceling. I would not have opted such a drastic change without first dealing with the emotional side of it I was so against canceling at first until I realized I couldn't move pass certain things without help. Of course there still a lot of work to be done but I actually feel in control now witch is a big difference from before I staring canceling. Thanks for the welcome I love this sight you guys are great
  5. Noelle Addlesberger's Avatar
    Hi, my surgery was with Almamza on 8-20...SW239 HW246 height 5'4". So I am 6days post op and back home in LA since Sunday...I am feeling pretty good considering. Bring extra wash clothes, bring a heating pad and extension cord, gasx strips, boullion cubes, sunglasses and good pair of tennis shoes for walking. They will take great care of you...make sure to tell Alex (Alejandra) the nurse hello for me!! What a beautiful person she is...she will care for you at the hotel following your return from the hospital. Edward the nurse is awesome too! They do not baby you after surgery but they do take great care of you so you have nothing to worry about...you may want to bring some earplugs for the hospital because the nurses are kind of loud and your will need your rest so they will help. You are welcome to email me if you would like, just private message me and I will give it to you...keep in touch and have a blessed journey!!
  6. Emilyrosebud's Avatar
    I just read your post and saw that your surgery was today. I hope everything about the surgery went well and that you can just relax and recover. You are a very brave woman from what I can see. I look forward to seeing an update from you soon. Best wishes!