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Very sore calves!

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On Tuesday afternoon, I did 45 minutes of step aerobics at home on a stepping platform before going to work. I deliberately chose that timing for a couple of specific reasons:

1. My calves usually become too sore too walk about 24 hours after I've done step aerobics or stair-climbing for the first time in a very long time. This is due to delayed onset muscle soreness (abbreviated D.O.M.S.).

2. If I exercised right before going to work, I would not feel the soreness while at work. Due to past experience, the calf soreness strikes about 24 hours later and lingers for up to 72 hours.

3. I knew I'd have Wednesday and Thursday off work to 'recover.'

Well, as predicted, my calves started becoming sore on Wednesday afternoon. Today, they're so sore that I have difficulty walking. By tomorrow afternoon, I predict that the soreness will start to ease up. As much as I want to work through this soreness to exercise, I realize I need to take it slow because I'm deconditioned due to a sedentary lifestyle over the past 18 months. Therefore, I'll wait until this soreness subsides before working out again.

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  1. Ann2's Avatar
    Good on you for doing that step-work!

    I wouldn't wait until all the soreness goes away before you exercise those muscles again. Feeling sore right after beginning a new exercise is normal. It's temporary and won't hurt that bad after a few more sessions.

    Here's a great description of muscle soreness after exercise and how to regard it and respond to it. Bottom line - keep moving.

  2. MamaGavu's Avatar
    I agree with above and stretch stretch stretch. I can't stress that enough. I bet you will feel so much better if you took a walk and then a nice stretch.