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Never Thought I'd Have To Say This...

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Had my 9 month appt yesterday and am down 99 lbs. I have never stalled the weight has been steadily falling off at an amazing pace. I eat my proteins everyday and focus on my water. BUT the doctor said I need to focus on stopping the weight loss soon because it will not stop itself. I laughed and said how am I supposed to do this when I eat as much as I possibly can. I eat about 5 times a day already. When I started this process I had felt if I got to 175 great I could live with that but I don't want to get below 150 because for my body that would be to small for my age. I have no clue how many calories I eat per day but am sure they are consistently under 800. She suggested adding in a high calorie liquid like a fruit smoothie. I'm going to give this a try but not sure how well that's going to work. I'm not a big fruit, smoothie, or sweets person. Anyone have any suggestions? The last thing I'm going to do is start adding bad calories other than the ones I already do consume. My one vice is that I do drink alcohol a few times a week and have since 1 month out and still losing the weight. I don't eat bread because I can only eat about 3 ounces at a time and I would get no nutrient from that and fill up way to fast. She wants to see me in October for my one year but is anticipating that I will be at the 150 mark already so she wanted me to start focusing on it now.

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  1. Ann2's Avatar
    OK, this is a real problem that's not that bad. I know this problem and have figured out how to deal with it. And I felt the same way -- freaked out a little.

    My weight goal was also 150 pounds. But here's the deal -- I ate 500 cals Month One, 800 cals Months 2-4, 1000 cals Months 5-6, and 1200 cals Months 7-8. And I hit 150 pounds at 8.3 months out. At that point I started adding cals SLOWLY. I think slowly is key. And like you I didn't want to drink milkshakes and eat ice cream, but wanted to add healthy food.

    So I consulted my NUT, my exercise consultant, my bariatric PA to see what we all thought my maintenance calorie budget would be. We settled on 1,750 calories a day. Hoo boy! I never thought I'd be able to maintain my weight in normal range on that many cals. But guess what ... for me, that's what works.

    I'll warn you I have other friends who ate lower calorie like you for all their weight-losing phases and they can't eat as much as me (a 69-year-old broad who moves and exercises, but isn't a gym rat) without gaining weight. So there's that. Again, who knew this would be my deal.

    Anyway, it's HARD to eat that much. I've been working at it for 3 months now -- am not yet averaging that much (last week I averaged 1700 cals/day), and consequently have lost another 7 pounds (was 143.4 lbs. this morning).

    Today's cals will be 1,664 with 121 grams of protein, 162 carbs, more sodium than typical, and 24 grams of fiber (women need at least 21 grams/day). Today I'm eating 4 veggies/fruits (apple, peach, tomato, green beans -- my daily goal is 5, so I'm short today). In the whole grains department I'm eating brown rice, two pieces of bread, and a Wasa cracker. For protein today, I have a protein drink, roast beef, salmon, Greek yogurt, cheddar cheese, skim milk. And I'm having chardonnay for dinner.

    I tried to get my My Fitness Pal record for today to load here, but it wouldn't (I can add those to forum posts, but not to blog comments - rats!).

    Anyway, doc's right -- you better start eating more now.
  2. jennifermeske's Avatar
    Wow, who would have thought we would get this advice, I hope this is for me also. I drink a glass of wine 4oz every night, sometimes 2, which I love love love (coming from being able to drink a bottle in one sitting). Wine adds about 1-220 cals so I average 1050-1100 a day, 80g protein, 70-80 g carbs and 25 g fat. Exercise 4 times a week hard and pretty much eat whatever I want because what I want now is very different than what I used to want. I'm 19 months out and 52 pounds down, I'd like to get to 155 is thats possible, i figure when my body stops losing it will be because its at the stable point it wants to be at. I hope I have your problem where weight lose is to much!!!!!
  3. jennifermeske's Avatar
    19 weeks out, not 19 months sorry
  4. wydols's Avatar
    You had me worried when you said 19 months out lol. But I sure hope I figure out a way to get enough calories in without garbage food. She is worried because I've steadily been losing and not stalling so she feels I will fall way below the 150 lbs. Now mind you I was 122 lbs when I was 20 and got pregnant with my son but at my age that weight would look anorexic on me. And could you imagine the loose wrinkly skin that I would have. UGH
  5. Sonya75's Avatar
    That's bull, you're body will stop where it needs to be. You may look a little too thin at first when you hit the weight your body wants to be at but that's only because it left so fast. I looked a little too thin at first in my face but it started looking healthy again after a few months. You know you're eating health and that's all that matters. Treat your body well. Good luck.
  6. p.charles's Avatar
    I'm 164. I was told that your body will stop where it needs to be also and for a while, that was my concern. I have been 164 for the longest so I assume this is where my body has settled comfortably. I don't do anything differently and I manage to stay within 164-166 with minimal effort. I guess it may be different for others because my friend, who is taller than I am and also in the 160's, has to work to maintain and not lose. She is actually trying to get back into the 170s because she feels she is too small. Hopefully, you figure out what works for you. Good luck and keep us posted.