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Surgery Date Finally!

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So this is my first blog post and I am very excited to say that I now have a surgery date!

My starting weight was 320 and I was told to lose 10kg, so about 22 pounds. I am currently at 312 after about two weeks of trying. I am most certain most of it was water weight, but its a good start. I have 1.5 months to go and I have about 14 pounds to go! Oh dear...I am sure I will be able to get it off since my starting weight is extremely high.

I started a Vlog I plan to post to youtube when I get around to editing it. I am thinking about starting the pre-op diet during the entire month of august. I am thinking two protein shakes and a high protein low carb meal at dinner. I know a whole month is a bit much, but I am going to Lithuania to have the surgery and I can not afford to not be ready when the time comes. Thoughts anyone?

While you are at it, can I get some ideas for protein shakes here in the UK? Or any diet tips in general? I would greatly appreciate any assistance given.

Sept 1st, 2015

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  1. mem222's Avatar
    I have relied on premade protein shakes, don't like the powders. Not sure about the UK but in the US I enjoy Premier Protein shakes and bars.
    Good luck with your surgery!!!!!
  2. kenson's Avatar
    Go to Vitamin Shoppe, I believe there are some in the UK, I used the Jay Robb whey protein isolate powders in vanilla and chocolate.