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Post Op Day 7 - ONE WEEK BABY!

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Was really tired today, it was hard to get up. Had an excursion last night though with a meeting I had to attend. Still made it to work by 8:00am thank goodness there wasn't a traffic jam on the stairs!

Pretty much same routine as yesterday, get up, sip some water, sip a little protein shake, run to bathroom and sit down, then drink more water.

Didn't have the broth today not sure why other than I wanted to try to get more protein in. Which I was able to do. About sick of Vanilla Muscle Milk Light, going to go buy some EAS Carb Control Chocolate.

The best things about today were got on the treadmill for 15 minutes at 1.5-2.0 MPH, got the fluids in, second day with no pain meds, & 6 more days of only liquids!

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  1. Mbenson5's Avatar
    Good for you! I am totally impressed you are already back at work, with stairs no less! Sounds like you are doing great! Congratulations to you!
  2. AnneM's Avatar
    Hi! My surgery is Friday July 31 and my goal is back to work on August 3rd so just a week off work. You said you were back to work after a week that is encouraging to me!! Any words of wisdom you can pass along?
  3. Brandonf150's Avatar
    Thanks Mbenson,

    Anne I would say this...don't rush it. I home office and have 7 people I manage by phone and email. So I have still been in t-shirt and shorts all week and can take a break and sit in my recliner whenever I want. Definitely rest on your week off.
  4. LadyLitteRock's Avatar
    Glad to hear, you are able to get back to work. Little by little getting down your liquids. I am scheduled for 8/16 and cant wait. Did you have your procedure in the US or elsewhere?
  5. AnneM's Avatar
    Thanks Brandon, my job is somewhat flexible, so when I go back I can work some from home with laptop and short days in office. And if I need more time off I will just have to take it.