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Post-Op Day 6

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Today was back to work. Took it easy at the home office. Remembering to drink and walk. My voice is weak for some reason.

One of the best things of today is I know all the fluids will be getting in.

The absolute best thing was the first Post-Op BM!!!!

Never been more happy about that. when you have been on liquids for a week it is definitely a relief.

Sorry to be gross but, we have all been there or those who haven't yet...you will be!

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  1. Mikey-Might-Like-It's Avatar
    Dude I appreciate your updates. With my surgery coming up soon I am glad someone so recent can keep me apprised of what I am in for. Thanks! Keep them coming!
  2. Mikey-Might-Like-It's Avatar
    What vitamins are you currently taking? I've got twinlab Bariatric chewables for my multi but I still haven't nailed down the other vitamins. Anything you could recommend?

    Also my surgery is on the 20th. Anything you recommend bringing to the hospital?
  3. Brandonf150's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment it is really appreciated. That was the only reason why I am blogging daily. If somebody can see what I went through to answer their questions or help get them prepared then it is worth it.

    No vitamins for 2 weeks after surgery. Until I get back on soft foods. Then I will be back on the probiotic, multivitamin, and now a calcium pill as well.

    I kept taking my BP meds and I still think that was the main reason for "The Day of Terror". I am not taking those anymore. Hopefully I will never have to again.

    Feel free to message me any question you might have.
  4. Brandonf150's Avatar
    All I took to the Hospital was slip on shoes for going in and coming home, house slippers for walking around the halls in the hospital, loose comfortable clothes to get on after surgery, phone & iPad w/chargers, and lastly a loved one to help you when you come out of the anestetia and to drive you to and from hospital.

    Are you going to Mexico or the U.S.?