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Post Op Day 5

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Today has been a day of rest and light walking. Trying to get in all the fluids while trying to get feeling a little better after "The Day of Terror".

The cramps are gone and I have been passing gas much better and munching on sugar free Popsicles. Trying to get more hydration through broth because of the sodium and plain Smart Water because of the electrolytes in the water.

Blood pressure has been great all day. At last check it was 127/81. I can't believe I thought I should keep taking my meds for that. Glad I don't have to right now and everything is good.

On a whole it is a day of R&R. I go back to work tomorrow. Thankfully, I'm the boss and we all home office. Not too concerned as I have a great crew and they all know I had this surgery. All I need to do is prepare some spreadsheets and talk on the phone. Going to keep the talking to a minimum as it can mean drinking more water.

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  1. Mbenson5's Avatar
    Sounds like you are doing great! Good you have flexibility in job. I was lucky to be home for the summer so didn't have to go back for awhile. Best wishes to you!