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Post-Op Day 4 "The day of Terror"

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Everything was great until 1:30pm...I have been getting the fluids and doing small short walks as instructed. Something happened about 1:30 when I finished off a bottle of water that had Sugar Free Crystal Light Peach Tea in it. There was only about 8oz left and I drank that in about 5 minutes.

OH THE PAIN! It feels like cramps pulsating through my body. It hurts to stand or lay down on either side. I tried to get out of bed after about 2 hours..MISTAKE! Dizziness, nausea, clamminness, sweats, and just about fainted.

Safe to say honeymoon is over. I called the doctors and they said to come in if I felt that I needed to. Then they called me back and asked if I was still taking blood pressure medicine and if I could check it. The answer was yes to both. BP was 101/44 NOT GOOD. Obviously I am told to stop the BP medicine and thankfully as I type this almost 12 hours later it has came up to 115/77.

Still had cramping and abdomen pain though. I think I just over did it with the walking. I also should not have stopped the anti-nausea medicine and the pain medicine.

Not having a bowel movement in 5 days is bothering me and the doctor on call suggested a suppository or some Milk of Magnesia and said not to be too concerned about the lack of a bowel movement as all I have had to eat is liquids. I did both and while no movement the release of gas was very relieving.

In the end I am here to say while Imlike to push myself to get back to normal ASAP, this is not something to push yourself on. After yesterday it has been decided to take it as easy as possible for the first couple of weeks. I was even told to avoid going outside if possible to stay out of the heat.

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  1. LaffeyTaffey's Avatar
    Wait. Are you pre-op or post-op? If you haven't had the surgery yet, then that's pre-op and what happened isn't normal. If you had the surgery already and are therefore post-op, then what happened is completely normal. You can't go drinking a water bottle in a matter of 5-10 mins. Your doctor was supposed to stress the importance of sipping. It's something you'll want to have become 2nd nature for quite a while otherwise you'll have that happen to you often good luck!
  2. Brandonf150's Avatar
    LOL that's how bad the pain was

    Post-op and changed...hahaha thanks for catching that

    The doctors did explain about not being able to gulp. I have been sipping. Probably what happened was a combo thing between blood pressure and not giving enough time between drinks. Obviously I can't handle 8oz in 5 minutes.
  3. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    I feel your pain!! I made the mistake of eating once and 15min later I drank too much too fast. I also felt like I was dying. We live we mearn, you won't do that again :-)
    I'm at 7 months and I can probably drink 3 Oz in 5 min and I'm ok.
    as for your BP meds....
    I'm really surprised they didn't take you off at the hospital
    I was on only 10mg of lisinipril (s/p?) For migraine prevention.....I was told if I continued taking it I would née to monitor my BP every 2 hours or something like that. But they recommended not taking it and so I didn't take it.
    but the good news here.....you learned you have to pay attention, no matter how good it feels to just drink 'normal' and more importantly YOUR OFF YOUR BP MEDS!!!! I'd say that is your #1 NSV (non scale victory)
  4. Mbenson5's Avatar
    Ugh, my husband had the same thing happen with his meds. He is off of everything now, and no more issues. It is really hard to slow down, and even after 3 years I forget sometimes. Wishing the best for you!
  5. jennifermeske's Avatar
    Yeah, you only do that once! slow sips for sure!
  6. Brandonf150's Avatar
    I really think the blood pressure issue was the main issue. With that said I am definitely timing my sips...kinda
  7. melinda1121's Avatar
    Hi Brandon. So glad I found your post. I'm 5 days post op and I've been having the same issues. I can't decide if it's pain from my healing stomach, stomach cramps, or reflux/indigestion. I'm even having pain with small sips. Feels like its getting stuck at the base of my throat. I'm hoping a few more days of healing will take care of these issues. Good luck with your success. Thanks for the post!
  8. Brandonf150's Avatar
    Try ice cold water and small sips. I remember this day but my BP bottomed out so low there are things I only remember because I have been told what happened.

    The other issue I had Milk of Magnesia took care of.

    It does get better, much better in fact.