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Question for seasoned sleevers

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Hi all, I'm over 8 months out and down over 90 lbs. So far blood work has always been fine with the exception of needing to take B1 and now Iron along with my daily multi vitamins. I feel great. Have been cleaning out my closet and running out of close that fit. My girlfriends are loving their new wardrobe lol. I haven't lost much hair nor have loose skin. I focus on eating protein but do get some veges and on occasion carbs. I drink water all day long. My only vice that I will not give up is I do drink Cosmopolitans on occasion. I have not noticed any stalls but I also don't get on the scale daily.

My question to you seasoned sleevers is that I take two bites of chicken and immediately feel some discomfort. I force myself to eat more so I can at least get about 2 ounces in at a time. I try to eat 5 times a day. Does anyone else only eat this amount. On occasion I crave some pringles with hot sauce and can only eat 5, which by the way is great but will I always have this restriction. I honestly feel like I eat less at a time now than I did at 3 months out. I have an appointment in late July to discuss with my doctor but was just curious if others have had this issue?

I have a friend that is 2 years out and he can eat a whole sandwich now then very small meals the rest of the day. Also I have heard of others eating say a McDonalds cheeseburger less months than I am but I couldn't dream of that much I on occasion get 4 McNuggets and can only eat 2. At this rate I'll never have to worry about gaining weight back but I'm beginning to get concerned that I won't be able to stop losing weight lol.

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  1. rhobysgrl's Avatar
    I am 7 months out and have the same issue. Chicken has been a no go for me since surgery I think its to dense it just makes my stomach hurt. As far as the amount of food I was just telling my daughter the other day I feel like I am able to eat less lately, things I could finish before I can't now. My husband jokes we dont need a kitchen because all I eat is Greek yogurt and cottage cheese, I know I can tolerate these so I stick to them. All this being said I 've been stalled for the last little while.
  2. goestogym's Avatar
    It is said that year one is the "honeymoon" phase---It certainly was for me. The restriction was at it's best. Now after 2 1/2 years I can eat almost as much as I used to. I miss the good old days.
  3. aglb's Avatar
    I am at 1 1/2 years out - totally depends on what I am eating - meat, chicken, etc. I can feel restriction after about 2-3 ounces - if I am eating other things, sometimes I am amazed - like popcorn etc. - It is so easy to stray = I eat often small amounts but that no grazing rule is important. I don't eat much at a sitting but am often hungry an hour later. I have also gained 7 pounds am and really nervous - I am still down 85 pounds but the fear of gaining never goes away but the when the honeymoon phase is over you CAN STILL GAIN. I agree with goestogym- I miss the days I could only take two bites - my honeymoon was 7 months - everything slowed to a halt then but then I was only about 15 pounds from the charts weight and at my personal goal.
  4. RubbityDub's Avatar
    I'm glad you asked this question as I am a little concerned lately. I haven't gained any weight but some days I have the "munchies" all day and when I get something to eat I can only eat a little before I feel full. Sometimes it is less than I ate 6 months ago and sometimes it is more than ever. I am 15 months out and I must admit that I am a little anxious at the way my capacity seems to yo-yo. Still I guess that if I'm still losing and not gaining, then I should just let nature take its course. What do others think? This post seems rather disjointed so I hope people can understand what I'm getting at here.