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Hi Everyone!

I have not been on here in a LONG time but I am struggling and I am turning to my support system! I had my sleeve done January 15, 2014 and I was 240 at surgery and got down to about 155 by December of 2014. I have been through some major ups and downs since surgery. I had double knee surgery in October, lost a very close family member and went through a break up. I started dating someone new right before Christmas and he is incredible and keeps me motivated to stay healthy. We go to the gym together. Cook meals together. All kinds of things and we are constantly busy doing something. However, I went on a cruise with my parents in March and gained 7 pounds because my eating habits changed slightly. Not eating more just eating more frequently. I am up to 167 now and I am freaking out because I am back to my normal habits of eating small protein rich meals and minimal snacking. I go to the gym. I am very active. I know I'm not pregnant...so where is this weight coming from and how do I make it stop!? If anyone has any advice or insight I would greatly appreciate it. I hope everyone is doing great no matter where they are in their journey!

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  1. jennifermeske's Avatar
    On facebook their is a group called team victoria, you should join, she is a great resource and she has a good restart plan posted. She runs the sierra medical bariatric group and is a success story as you will see. Her reset programs helps many restarting their sleeve as it was designed to be. Good luck.
  2. cathbas's Avatar
    where is team victoria??
  3. Ann2's Avatar
    My sincere opinion is if you're not tracking what you're eating (my fitness pal is da bomb), you can't possibly know "where this weight is coming from."

    I'd urge you to track your food intake. Find out what you're really eating. Calories, protein, carbs, fats, fiber, etc.

    And if that's not working, do something different.

    (Having said all the above, I've been maintaining for a whole month -- a lot shorter time than you have.)
  4. Preston41's Avatar
    I was sleeved in January of 2014 also. I have yet to gain any back yet but i do flucuate 2 pounds up and down. i always try to stay focused on putting in protein some veggies and very little carbs. I think that helps me maintain my weight. I also go to support groups every month and weigh in daily to help me keep accountable.