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Mercy Nurse

My Pre-Operative costs...

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Things are wrapping up for me as far a pre-operative appointments are concerned. There have been many. I had an EGD, mammogram/annual exam, parathyroid CT, sleep study, nutritionist, psych appt, numerous labs, PCP monthly appts, and surgeon appts.

From the very beginning my eyes have been on the prize at the end. I knew there were appts to be had along the way, but never did I really consider what all the appts would cost. My insurance is new to me within the last year, so I really wasn't prepared as I should have been - one way or another.

My total cost to insurance has been $12,646.

I have had to pay $799 in co-pays and things not covered. I have Federal Blue Cross, and I live in PA. I am not sure what the surgery itself is going to cost... However, my surgery will be covered 100%, no deductibles. So all total I am looking at about $800 for the entire procedure. - Feeling blessed in that regard.

Right now, all of my paperwork has been submitted for approval. My pending surgery date is July 29, but because it is elective and we are short staffed at work, that is most likely going to change to a later date.

Thanks to all for sharing your journey, I look forward to doing the same, if I can just get myself on the other side. It has been a long 6 months so far, but I hear it's worth the wait!

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  1. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    So glad things are proceeding forward for you!
  2. mem222's Avatar
    It gets real when you get a date - even if it is tentative.
  3. Paloma's Avatar
    Awesome and good luck!